Sapulpa Times-line

Sapulpa Times-Line

A short history of this brave little internet adventure.

December 2014

Veteran journalist and editor Don Diehl launches a Facebook Page called "Sapulpa News and Views," for the purpose of giving the community an alternative news source for real and relevant issues to everyday people.

January 2015

Sapulpa News and Views tops 1600 Likes, just 30 days after launching on Facebook.

May 2105

  • Don and Micah Choquette, former Web Designer and blogger for the Tulsa World, meet for the first time to discuss the idea of creating a website for Sapulpa News and Views. The Facebook Page now has over 3000 Likes.
  • A post titled “An Open Letter to the Sapulpa HS Class of 2015” from Gina Coates Justus generates a reach of 6.8K on Facebook; Sapulpa News and Views' most widely circulated post up to that time.

July 2015

Don turns over operating control to Micah, choosing to remain as a contributor.

August 2015

  • Micah rebrands Sapulpa News and Views as Sapulpa Times and hires local artist Heathyr Chenoweth to create the logo, a custom spin on the “Sapulpa Time” clock located at Martha's Corner in Sapulpa.
  • launches with a story about WWII soldier-POW Paul Morgan's 90th birthday. Gains 445 views in first 24 hours.
  • Sapulpa Times passes 4500 Likes on Facebook, is now the largest local news outlet Page.

September 2015

Sapulpa Times sees a traffic surge of 2.5x the traffic it started with in August.

October 2015

Sapulpa Times reaches almost 10,000 Views in a single month, more than double the previous two months combined. It is our most popular month yet.

November 2015

Sapulpa Times Facebook Page passes 4800 Likes on Facebook. Sapulpa's sister group Shop Sapulpa, begins hosting meet-ups at The Coffee Shop to help the local businesses serve our community better.

December 2015

Sapulpa Times paid tribute to a fantastic year with a “Best of” series that highlighted stories from our most-read and most-shared categories, as well as the top stories from our founder.

January 2016

Sapulpa Times passes 5,000 Likes on Facebook.

June 2016

  • shatters it's monthly viewing record at 36,794. The previous record had been 14,072.

July 2016

Sapulpa Times Facebook Page passes 6,000 Likes.

August 2016 celebrates it's first full year online. Sapulpa Times Facebook Page passes 6,200 Likes.

December 2016

Sapulpa Times articles are now automatically being published to Apple News and Google News.

January 2017

Sapulpa Times welcomes it's first in-house contributor, Klent Campbell.

February 2017

Sapulpa Times welcomes new contributors A.L. Long and Caity Robb. Our coverage now more readily covers not only Sapulpa, but also nearby communities Bristow and Kellyville.

March 2017 gets it's second major redesign—this one is done completely in-house. The new format increases the number of headlines and stories that are accessible without scrolling, and allows for better storytelling in future articles.

May 2017 again shatters it's monthly viewing record, topping 42,000 view after several high-profile stories hit the news:


June 2017

Sapulpa Times launches it’s new job board—we call it “the Number 1 Job Board for Sapulpa and surrounding communities.” It gains over a dozen postings in it's first 2 weeks.

July 2017

July sees our most-read story so far at over 8,000 views about Sapulpa Police arresting two people over the abuse of a 4-year-old.

Our new Opinion section continued to gain traction when a woman wrote in saying that she'd been stereotyped by our County Treasurer.

September 2017

Sapulpa Times is at the scene shortly after a Semi-trailer careens into the Sunset Strip off of New Sapulpa Road. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured. Ironically, it happened again, just months later.

October 2017

Sapulpa Times publishes a series on Raising Wilder, a television show filmed in Sapulpa about descendants of the Laura Ingalls Wilder family, of Little House on the Prairie fame. The first of it's kind to be published by Sapulpa Times, the four-part series tells the story of how Paula George and Jason Wilder moved to Sapulpa to start their show.

December 2017

A man arrested for stealing a car and driving it to a trailer park only to fall asleep in it has even more charges brought against him—by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife of all things—it's a story to remember for sure.

January 2018

Local Author Kirk McCracken publishes his book about the 1976 murder of Sapulpa Coach Jerry Bailey titled "Because of the Hate". The book sells well in Sapulpa and on Amazon.

March 2018

Sapulpa Police Department quadrupled the number of female officers in their roster with the hiring of several recruits into their ranks. Nearly all of them already have experience, and they were warmly welcomed.

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