Former Sapulpa man who says that cannabis “changed his life” is being called out as a scam artist

After a controversial story on a man who says cannabis cured his COPD, scores of readers reach out to warn the public to beware.

After a controversial story was published about a Sapulpa native who had “changed his life” with cannabis oil, many readers have come forth to shed more light on what they say is really happening behind the story of Jeff Waters.

“He is a thief and con man! He steals money from sick people!”—just one of the dozens of emails, comments and messages on Facebook, each one warning the public not to be fooled by Water’s story.

One woman in particular, who was a part of Water’s Facebook Group Treating COPD with Cannabis for several months, says that’s she’s seen the abuse happen firsthand.

“I know at least a dozen people he has scammed,” she says. “I started suspecting him after three months in his group. I saw people complain and get their post deleted.”

“We just want to warn others, ultimately they get to choose. He is scamming the sick and elderly who are desperate to breathe better,” she says.

She told Sapulpa Times earlier this week that Waters has had admins on two different occasions leave his group because they believed he was scamming people, and others are evidently catching on; she told Sapulpa Times  “I have seen complaints about him in three other groups on Facebook.”

State Question 788 for legalizing medical marijuana is a hot-issue topic for this year’s election. From both sides of the issue come passionate responses to the question and all the moral and legal quandaries therein.

When we published the story of Jeff Waters—a former Sapulpa man who claims that cannabis oil was the key to his recovery of COPD—we believed we were telling the story of one of the possible positive outcomes of legalizing medical marijuana. It was an attempt to show the other side, following the story we had released about the group that had formed to oppose the question.

While the story that Waters told may very well be true, it’s not his story that others are primarily taking issue with, it’s that he uses this story to gain sympathy and hopefully donations, or requests from others to send them cannabis oil. It’s here where the waters really get muddy, so to speak.

Several accounts of former or prospecting customers have come to light alleging that Waters not only doesn’t send the oil that the people ordered, but if they complain, he gets pretty nasty:

treating-copd-message-censored.jpgThis screenshot is from a customer who sent money to Waters, then, seeing questionable posts on his Facebook profile, became concerned that her money was being used to feed a drug habit. This screenshot is the exchange that she says took place when she asked for a refund.

Waters, for his part, says that the message is not him. “Absolutely not [sic] never had a conversation like that,” he says.

As the accusations continued to pile on, Waters doubled down, blaming the online assault on little more than jealous online trolls. “Unfortunately when you get a huge following on social media lies and rumors and jealousy come,” he says.

Elaine Phillips, of Florida, says she was a customer of Waters, and admits that the oil did help…when he sent it.

“I joined his group about 2 1/2 years ago and about 6 months later I ordered his cannabis oil,” she says. It helped her so much that she ordered a second time and took three months to receive her shipment. “It was so watery I got nauseous off it,” she says.

This time, when she emailed Waters, Phillips says she didn’t hear back for months, no matter how many emails or messages she sent him. She finally began to air her grievances on his own Facebook group in hopes of drawing out a response. “(Waters) put pictures of himself smoking and mushrooms and we’re waiting for our oil,” Phillips says.

She wasn’t alone. As she began be more vocal about her complaints, others came forward, also saying they were sending money but not getting shipments. Phillips recalls one family who came to the group to let everyone know that about a family member who had paid for an oil shipment eight months prior and never received it. That customer, the family said, died before they could ever get their oil.

Phillips said that Jeff Waters removed the post from the Facebook group.

In a recent conversation with Sapulpa Times, Waters denied that he even ships oil, despite having originally said via a comment on a Sapulpa Times Facebook Post that he was going to be bringing it to Sapulpa.

“I say a lot of things to spark conversation,” he says. “I did make oil and gave to free to locals here in Denver which (was) legal till I got sick. Not worth risking my legal status here to ship and it’s illegal to ship.”

One of our readers, located in Coweta, Oklahoma, says that’s not the case. In this exchange, which happened in March of 2018, Waters not only provided her with two different options for cannabis oil, but required that customers send payment via paypal as a gift, so as not to incur any additional fees.

Waters, now in his mid-forties, claims he’s recently been diagnosed with early on-set dementia as a result of his 23-day coma several years prior. He says the disease has caused him considerable financial harm, and he had a Fundly account set up with a goal of reaching $10,000 to help with living expenses. As of this writing, none of his Fundly campaigns seem to be active.

About the Author

Micah is the owner/Editor-In-Chief of Sapulpa Times and passionate about telling the everyday stories in the town that we love. You can find him on Twitter at @meetmicah or email him at

  • Becky says:

    Micah, I want to thank you for following up on this story. This man has caused so much grief for so many people. He has stolen thousands of dollars from people with the promise of “curing” their COPD.

    The majority of these people are elderly and on fixed incomes. Many of them saved money for a long time, just to get blocked by Jeff with nothing sent.

    An investigation by Fundly resulted in them shutting down his fundraising efforts through them.

    He is now using Gofundme’s website in an attempt to raise enough for his rent.

    I, for one, will not keep quiet as long has continues to take money from people. If he truly has dementia (which is doubtful as I have screenshots of him claiming to have cancer, PTSD and now dementia) he will soon see what it is like to live on a meager allowance.

    As far as cannabis oil “curing COPD”, I’m sure if that were true, Jeff would be every talk show the networks have to offer. This clearly isn’t the case.

    Does it help COPD? Yes, I can attest to that. It does help it, but not cure it.

    But if your readers want to try cannabis oil, do it legally. Please, please don’t send your money to someone that will lie, cheat, and steal your money for his personal gain.

    • Teri l.Hervey says:

      Thank you for staying with everyone and supporting people he has used and abused.

    • Ruthie Hoeldt-Olson says:

      You are so right….so far COPD cannot be cured and he did say on his gofundme page that he was cured of COPD.

    • Jen says:

      Shame on you for spreading lies!!!
      I am Proof of its healing power. Does it heal everyone every time?? No!! It is all how much effort a patient is willing to put in. Do they do breathing exercises, exercise, improve diet??? Come off prescriptions??? But most importantly many don’t even quit smoking cigarettes!!!

      I wish I could post Screenshots because I would post pictures of pages from The Cannabis Health Index where government studies even prove Cannabis Oil can potentially cure many.

      • Todd T. says:

        Jen, nobody is disputing that cannabis helps COPD. The article is showing what a scumbag Jeff Waters is. He is stealing money from people and telling them he will send them cannabis oil and not sending them anything. Don’t you care that he has stolen thousands of dollars from people that are ill?

        This isn’t so much about whether it works or not, it is about Jeff Waters stealing, lying and cheating people for his gain.

  • Becky says:

    Thank you for this update. This guy has been running a Ponzi scheme for years. I’m one of the ones who sent him 157.00 to his fake Waters of Hope company and never received anything. How can he say he can’t ship because it is illegal but he takes your money? I guess stealing is not illegal. He uses your money to pay his rent and buy his own cannabis.

  • Todd T. says:

    I’m happy to see this article as I have seen first hand the damage that Jeff has left in his wake.

    I am in an illegal state. I turned to Jeff because I had heard that cannabis would help my Emphysema. Enter one naive person (me).

    Did he mail me a package of cannabis? Yes, he did. He not only mailed me syringes filled with what he claimed to be cannabis oil, but he also send me some cannabis infused gummy candies. I probably still have the box with his return address and the entire nine yards.

    So I used up the cannabis oil using it as he had suggested and nadda, zero, zilch. Now the fun part starts.

    I ordered more from Jeff asking him for a different strain of the oil. At this point he said I had to pay using Paypal and mark that it was a “gift”. So I sent my money to him. I waited a month. Then two months, then three months. At the end of the three months I asked, in the group, why I sent him money 3 months earlier and had no communication from him and no product? His answer? He blocked me from further contact. I now can not contact him via his email addresses, through the group or through any of his numerous profiles.

    I could write about this person until my fingers fall off. The bottom line is that Jeff is a thief. Plain and simple. A thief.

    The money I sent him was money that I EARNED at a JOB. Something Jeff would not know about. Not only has he had fundraisers for his rent, he has had fundraisers to go to Vegas for HempFest, a fundraiser to pay for him to go to a Cubs game, a fundraiser to get better equipment so he could record his message, and now a fundraiser to pay his rent.

    For anyone that can still see his face book profiles, groups, pages, etc., try calling him out on this. See what it gets you. I can guarantee that you will be blocked, but not before he calls you some disgusting name. He will claim that you made up a screen shot, made up an email, etc. He cries “Fake News” more often than Trump
    and his Trumpettes.

    Jeff, your stealing from people needs to come to an end.

    And for the record, I know that God loves me, so don’t hide behind your signature “God Loves You and So Do I” crap. It’s getting old and in your case you are certainly taking the Lord’s name in vain.

    Read this Jeff. Read it. It is a prohibition of blasphemy, specifically, the misuse or “taking in vain” of the name of the God of Israel, or using His name to commit evil. Exodus 20:7 reads: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

    • Courtney Jack says:

      Todd, just know that there are true holistic healers who don’t concern themselves with $$ , but instead about the person who is sick. ?

    • Jen says:

      I make My own medicine and would encourage you to do the same. It can improve and cure many with COPD

    • Jeri Norred Graue says:

      He Preys on God’s name. Just want to gag hearing crap. I won’t even type it.

    • Marielle says:

      The USPS would be very interested in the box you received from Jeff. Felony charges await him. Beware false “profits”. For more information contact me. Thanks

  • Kenneth Davidson says:

    I thought right off he was a con artist. Can’t con a con jeff. Last two weeks ago begging for money to pay his rent and deposit. Come on people read between the lines it’s a scammer scamming from good people like you and me. He never got my money think twice before you get you butt taken from a con man. I’m blocking him now that I’ve said the truth about this scammer. Thanks folks good bless you all and may God find a truthful way to help you with your copd situation. I’m stage three and looking myself. God bless.

    • Courtney Jack says:

      Kenneth, there are real and true holistic healers. You will recognize the real ones because they don’t ask for $$ up front. And, they certainly post pics of smoking cannabis. Especially when it’s COPD you are dealing with.

  • Marie says:

    I’m an advocate and have had several people contact me that he has scammed. I tried to blow the lid off this myself but became a target of him and some of his group. Some of these people did get oil at one time because they are very loyal. The thing is though that these people were connected to other angels by Jeff. That is why they received oil. He does not know how to make it properly. That is why Elaines was so “watery”. He tried and could not get it right or keep up with the orders. He could sure take their money though. I feel so bad for these people. There are still sick and desperate people in his group who believe him. They don’t belong to cannabis groups because they are looking for specific treatments for their illnesses, not about cannabis culture so they aren’t in groups like #OnePlant who shared this about him long ago. I wish more people would come out publicly. Everyone is too afraid

  • Roberta Humphreys says:

    Thank you so much for following up on the story- you have made our day!!
    I sure hope Jeff enjoys this follow up as much as the rest of us! LOL
    He posted your last article on his page as if to advertise himself more and pat himself on the back.
    I can just beat he won’t be sharing this one 🙂
    A good day for his victims that is for sure.
    That phone text you published is the “real Jeff” not the man of God he pretends to be, that is all part of his scam as he loves no one but himself!

  • Jeri says:

    Thank you So much for publishing this!!

  • Chip van Meter says:

    I am one who got scammed as well. 200.00 and nothing. He states he is a man of God. The only God he worships is the devil. I do have a medical problem, I am on Social Security and I can not believe how he has lied in his comments. We are not trolls we are victims. Thank You for this exposure. I hope this goes viral as he needs to be shut down. NO MAN could have as much wrong with him, depending on which way the wind is blowing. He is a FAKE

  • walter Barnott says:

    He is a scammer

  • Crystal spain says:

    God will take care of him when the time comes. Karma is a b word. Trying to keep it clean. He will mess with the wrong person and regret it. But I no one else will send him money first. I hope everyone will have a blessed day.

  • Terrie says:

    Thank you for following up. I had 2 orders waiting. He finally sent it and it was so runny and worthless. He sent it when I agreed to send him $1,600. He was in need and had stated on his page that he would exchange oil for it. Yep, I was convinced that I was helping him. Instead, he helped himself to my money and I never received what we had agreed on. So, including my first 2 orders and the big money, I was conned out of almost $2,000.

    • Lisa says:

      Terrie I believe I read about you before. Reach out to the cannabis groups. Tell your story. A true healer will assist you.

  • Cyndi Phillips says:

    Facebook needs to take notice because their policies are allowing people like Jeff to keep scamming people. He’s not the only one though, but there is no way to speak to a human so algorithms do their thinking, and not very well. The ones being scammed are in general older, sicker and with a fatal disease so it makes them take chances trying to help themselves. Anyone wanting to join a legit COPD group please look us up at “COPD and Cannabis”, both on Facebook and and from there we can help you find other legit groups that actually care.

    • dana+williams says:

      I actually was able to close a misleading group on Facebook by contacting the Two people listed as Heads of the department. Please share all his FB sites. It was 2 years ago but I will be happy to try.

    • Jeri Norred Graue says:

      You have to go to thru loops to leave a msg about him. They ignore it.

  • Scarlett says:

    So glad to see this article. The jig is up Jeff Waters at least for these readers. Thank you!!!

  • fantasticalice says:

    Thank you!

  • CJ says:

    It’s time for us sick and elderly to get our fair shake. And this article helps. When Facebook and YouTube allow scammers like Jeff Waters to lie in an open forum and the people who are legit educators of Cannabis and get shut down, it baffles me. He has 3 profile pages, 2 public groups, and a closed group on Facebook ! Then (although YouTube takes down other people), Jeff Waters is still all over YouTube lying like a cult leader trying to get everyone to drink the kool aid. Wake up and smell the coffee! There are good people,but NOT Jeff Waters.! He is a bottom feeding scum sucker.

    • Lisa says:

      The link to this article needs to be posted in the reply section of his videos as well as on Instagram and Twitter under his account.

  • Jon Marsh says:

    I run one of the largest social media Groups online that is related to Cannabis Oil, and Jeff was a member a few years back. The Oil did help his COPD, enough to where he was riding a bike a few miles a day and actually got a job in his hometown grocery store, so he claimed.

    Once I booted him from the Group, he left to make his own Group, the COPD one where he scammed the lot of patients.

    He has scammer written all over his mug, thanks for publishing what social media has been buzzing about for quite some time now.

  • Teresa R says:

    Ive seen first hand how he talks to people…
    He is a vile, hateful person.
    I was in his group for a time ,but I left when I started seeing all the hate and people asking where their oil was.
    I was right about the vibes I was getting. Ive been following this story for months now!!

  • Wolf Segal says:

    Jeff was booted from at least on FB group dedicated to alleviating the symptoms of PTSD through the responsible use of “full-spectrum” (contains THC) cannabis extracts. Cannabis is a known bronchio-dilator.
    Every field of human endeavor has its share of unethical individuals. The vast majority of the folks involved in the therapeutic use of cannabis willingly risk their freedom for the sake of others, not for monetary reward.

  • dana williams says:

    How HORRIBLE! People are truly in need, I am one, and to have someone steal not only their money but their hope?

    • Courtney Jack says:

      Dana, true holistic healers are out there. You will know they are real because the true holistic healers aren’t posting pics of buds and joints or asking for $$$.
      The true healers want to help you with no concern for cash $$.

  • Syd says:

    I have saved an email I got from him calling me horrible names because he thought I was dissing him in another group. He was/is selling oils and mailing them out. He tried to say he had Oil Angels that did it. But I saw some folks going without for up to 6 months

    • Courtney Jack says:

      Syd, I’m sorry he did you that way. Just know that most true holistic healers aren’t like him. Most of them donate to save lives. ?

  • Vonceille Stith says:

    This man while living in Tulsa and right before he moved to Denver, had been active in a group to gather signatures for medical cannabis. He claimed to me that his landlord had dropped on him after he signed his lease, that he would need 300+ dollars for a pet deposit for his 3 dogs. I offered and did loan him the money, but I made it payable to the apartment complex. He wanted me to send it to his PayPal account. I still have all the documentation as I thought I was legally protecting myself. Long story short, I’m still waiting for my loan repayment 3yrs later. He called me horrible names when I continually ask for my money back. I even offered him to make 50.00/month Payments. Never happened. He mailed me a photocopy of of one hundred dollar bill. Then blocked me. I hope your article will help someone from being scammed. Thank you very much.

  • Mike Petry says:

    I think this article is a crock of sh*t. Jeff has helped me so much. No Jeff doesnt sell or ship oil to me or anyone else but he has helped me find resources to get it elsewhere. Jeff has never been nasty or abusive to me in any way and has always been helpful and informative on anything that I have asked him. Like he said, when you have a group or page that has alot of followers, there is gonna be haters and I think that is whats going on here. Like I said, Jeff has helped me so much and I am so thankful and indebted to him. He hss been a godsend to me.

    • Terry’s Holstec says:

      Sounds like one of his aliases making a comment. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck……..

    • Shelly says:

      Nice try Jeff.

    • Lisa says:

      Mike, I have copies of emails sent to friends who Jeff ripped off. I helped 2 get their money back. The sick vile names he calls people who rightfully ask for their money or product, is inhumane. In the pinned post of his group are directions on “how to obtain an angel”. The repeated fundraising schemes speak for themselves. My very goid friend lived with this man. This friend left the minute they found out what he was doing. You do know he has never once shown proof that he has ever been treated for copd.

    • Marie says:

      You are one of the few

    • Becky says:

      You are so wrong! I guess hundreds if not thousands of people are lying!! Wake up!

    • Todd T. says:

      Mike Petry, whether you are real or just another of one of Jeff’s aliases, this article is true from beginning to end. You might want to look at a group called Anti Treating COPD with Cannabis. They are exposing him at a very rapid rate. Even his son has spoken up.

      You are right that you are indebted to him. He’ll want you to pay his rent, his food, care for his dogs, etc. And while you’re at it, your tax dollars are paying for all his hospital visits. I’m sure he thanks you profusely.

  • Courtney Jack says:

    He wishes he had dementia! But, it’s more like convenient memory loss. And, for the record; NOT 1 member of the Canna community (even in Colorado), likes or trusts him. True healers aren’t about $$$. Only helping people live healthy. There aren’t many like him. We have no tolerance nor time for cruel and backstabbing behavior. DON’T EVER COMPARE JW TO THE CANNA COMMUNITY.
    We’re complete opposites. He speaks with a forked tongue.
    For the Canna community; We are about education and truth and NEVER is $$$ the reason we are voices for #OnePlant.

  • Geri Madison says:

    I was a member of his group but never sent any money. Had a bad feeling from the beginning. I posted this article to the page when I saw it. I don’t know if I’m blocked or the page was taken down but I’m glad he was found out before he could scam anyone else.

  • Laura says:

    Man, what a scummy S.O.B.!!!! I hope the folks who lost out get justice and get connected with some ligitimate sources until marijuana becomes legal in Oklahoma. As for Jeff “the Christian” Waters, he will get his just desserts because as we all know, water seeks it’s own level.

  • madden says:

    im so happy i got out of this group when I did and found the one i have now.he is very rude and a liar . how can we stop his jurk. .

  • Gayle says:

    I used RSO for my cancer. I was very surprised after about a week of taking it I didn’t need my inhalers anymore. Within 2 weeks time I was off all medication for COPD. I still to this day have no needs for those meds and it’s been 15 months.
    I don’t know what this man is doing. But I do know that marijuana works for COPD. But just like everything else I doubt that it works for everyone.

    • Lisa says:

      Cannabis does kill cancer. Thc acts as a bronchodialator, and cbd reduces inflammation; therefore, you would see improvement in copd symptoms. Most are in no way questioning the healing properties of cannabis. They are informing others not to trust this scum.

  • Jessica Thomason says:

    I know first hand as well that he’s a scam he had my friend move up here and screwed her over and made all “his people “ think she was bad thank God that a door was opened for her to get away from him. She learned a lot but also realized what a scam he was. I replied to several of his comments he deleted them then messaged me going off he’s evil and am glad others are coming out and showing it cause what he’s doing isn’t right at all

  • Garret Mullins says:

    He also calls peoples parole office to tell on them for using marijuana. To get them sent back to prison for using marijuana. I thought activist help people fight against putting people in prison for marijuana. He is the opposite. And if you would like CBD oil and not get scammed let me know we make it. My partners do.
    Garret Mullins

    • Jen says:

      You are a well known scam artist on Facebook too. He wants to mail ya oil from Texas Folks and is on probation! This guy is every bit as bad!!!

      Heck he’s selling it right here!

  • Todd T. says:

    I stated earlier that Jeff would start denying and yelling ‘fake’, ‘trolls’, ‘fake profiles’, etc. And there he is on the Sapulpa Times Face Book page doing just that.

    Cheaper than the movies and you can bring your own beverages.

  • Jen says:

    I hope Oklahoma Residents and the Nation are smart enough to recognize nothing more than more attacks on Cannabis. Jeff is the real deal. He is no con. Thanks to Jeff I am healed From COPD and literally came off my death bed. Quit Spreading Lies!!!

    Cannabis can and does treat and heal COPD. #COPDsurvivor

    BTW that is not his Facebook profile pic on that screenshot. It’s a fake.

  • Jen says:

    just thinking ? isn’t everyone who admits they tried to buy cannabis oil illegally from Jeff also implicating themselves in a crime??? An attorney needs to weigh in on this. People should keep there right to remake n silent.

  • Tony Curran says:

    Guy has scammed money worldwide he was shipping overseas through a third party……..

    • Todd T. says:

      I heard that it was the third party, some guy in Scotland that absconded with money and oil that caused him to cease the overseas shipping. Now another group has taken that part of the shipping.

      I know I needed some shipped overseas and the guy that was making it said the guy overseas stole money from people and never gave them oil, so he quit. Luckily I found a new group that ships overseas.

      • Jenny+Costa says:

        and was Jeff Copd Waters involved? If so, it wasn’t the guy overseas, it was Jeff!

  • marilyn cystal says:

    first its not the group, its individual scum bag, group is great

  • Marie says:

    Jen Michelle is one of his die hard followers and trolls. I had to block her a long time ago.

    Some of these people actually got a real angel before he started scamming people
    But they didn’t get their oil directly from Jeff, they got it from angels he sent them to, who have now left him. But because these people actually received oil they believe Jeff is a saint. They refuse to believe person after person who is brave enough to come forward. Maybe they should order oil from Jeff and see what happens.

  • Todd+T. says:

    As of 06/15/2018, he has claimed to have cancer, PTSD, Dementia, Alzheimers and now Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Barbara Humphries says:

    I have watched as Jeff Waters has started Fundly, GoFundMe, & I believe at one time he was using Youcaring. Constant donation sites popping up. Constant begging for money. Constantly saying him and his dogs will live in a tent. Its sickening. I see person after person offering him money in his comments. Thousands of dollars in his donation accounts. His last fundly just last month that he started for his dementia emergency (lol) had almost 3k donated but HE CANT PAY HIS RENT???? Mmmmk.
    He also claims to have Cancer which really chaps my ass because I am a Breast Cancer Survivor myself.
    I could not sit back and watch him do this anymore so I began posting publicly that he was a scammer. So glad this article came out!
    He scams patients out of their Social Security money. His own son called him out as a scammer yesterday. That speaks volumes…I hope he can’t pay his rent this month.

  • >