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It's no secret that our readers are some of our best sources of information in our communities. We'll do our best to write the stories that alert the public and keep the officials accountable.

Good news for you
and your neighbors

Learn more about the people who run your county...or those who live next door. Our weekly profiles get you better informed about elected and city officials, and we'll take you into the worlds of ordinary folks that are doing extraordinary things.

Election coverage
that affects you.

Need to know who's running? Which candidate aligns with your values? What state questions are going to affect you? We'll have the answers you're looking for.

In the 2018 elections, Sapulpa Times was the only local news outlet that sought to cover all of the candidates running for local and county office. Who will you trust to give you the information you need?

Love local sports? You'll love Sapulpa Times.

If your life is about tailgate parties and track meets, or home runs and another late-night practice, or you just love to keep up with how your local schools are doing, turn to the Sapulpa Times. We'll tune in to local games every week, and you'll read about them the very next day.

Events: There's always something to do.

Think there's nothing to do in Sapulpa? Think again. Since 2015, Sapulpa Times has consistently covered local events happening in and around our town. Whether it's fairs, festivals, jingle bells or blowouts, there always something to do.

Support local businesses
(we do!)

We're constantly working with local businesses to find new ways to provide value to our readers. Look for coupons and specials that will only be available to our readers!

Celebrate the good times
and honor those you love.

Sapulpa Times publishes the most consistently updated section of obituaries in Creek County, and we help spread the word with good news of anniversaries, birthdays and birth announcements!

Keeping you and your family safe, all the time.

Sapulpa Times produces weekly stories of success from our local law enforcement and firefighters, so you can sleep better at night.

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