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Strong, locally-rooted stories about our people, places and events.
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1 in 2 people in Sapulpa
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visit on a monthly basis.

Why Advertise with Sapulpa Times?

Largest Facebook Fan Base

After a year of steady growth, we're almost 8,000 strong. We're the largest locally-based news page in all of Creek County.

10,000 Views a Month

After just 90 days in existence, was getting an average of 10K views a month.

Fixed Pricing Structure

We don't use unpredictable Cost-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Thousand metrics. One price, 30-days, no gimmicks.

What's different about Sapulpa Times?

Putting Local First

One of our prerequisites is that your business must be in or around Sapulpa. We're committed to helping our communities and keeping our dollars local.

Simple But Awesome

By restricting our ads to one size and shape, we maximize your effectiveness across all platforms and improve the user experience at the same time.

The Few and The Proud

We personally vet our advertisers to ensure that our endorsement goes to companies that we can stand behind.
Not all are created equal.

Most online news sites rely heavily on advertising to pay the bills and drive revenue. We're not like that. From the beginning, we've always been about one person: the reader. We believe that if you bring the passion to the stories, the money will follow.

Can't afford your own graphic designer? Not a problem.

Let our design team make your event awesome!

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Sapulpa Times Pricing

One Price. 30 Days. No Gimmicks.

Home Page Ad

$300 per Month*
  • Get your Ad seen on our most popular page.
  • Fixed pricing structure.
  • Choose from, or

Category Sidebar Ad

$150 per Category, per Month*
  • 12 Primary Categories.
  • Dozens of Sub-Categories.
  • Restrict your Ad to the most relevant readers.
  • Fixed pricing structure.

Newsletter Ad

$75 per Month*
  • Local newsletter goes out once a week to hundreds of subscribers

*per Month means 30 days, even if your campaign runs less. We're happy to replace your ad with another for the remainder of your 30 days. If it's longer than 30 days, we'll charge you another 30 days and so on.

The price above secures your spot on; Additional fees apply for additional services. Don't worry, we'll talk it all out. 🙂

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