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Sapulpa Times is dedicated to telling the everyday stories in the town that we love.
Since 2015, we've grown our readership to an average of 40,000 views each month.

Get your business in front of the local and engaged readers of Creek County's most widely-read news source.


Reach your customers where they are.

Strong, locally-rooted stories about our people, places and events.
Committed to supporting local businesses.
Quality-driven local submissions and coverage.

An average of 40,000 people in Creek County read Sapulpa Times online or in print on a monthly basis.

Why Advertise with Sapulpa Times?

Largest Facebook Fan Base

After a few years of steady growth, we're almost 10,000 strong. We're the largest locally-based news page in all of Creek County.

40,000 Views a Month

An average of 40,000 people in Creek County read Sapulpa Times online or in print on a monthly basis.

Fixed Pricing Structure

We don't use unpredictable Cost-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Thousand metrics. Our prices are per week, so you know exactly what you're spending.

What's different about Sapulpa Times?

Putting Local First

One of our prerequisites is that your business must be in or around Sapulpa. We're committed to helping our communities and keeping our dollars local.

Simple But Awesome

By restricting our online ads to one size and shape, we maximize your effectiveness across all platforms and improve the user experience at the same time.

The Few and The Proud

We personally vet our advertisers to ensure that our endorsement goes to companies that we can stand behind.
Not all are created equal.

Most online news sites rely heavily on advertising to pay the bills and drive revenue. We're not like that. From the beginning, we've always been about one person: the reader. We believe that if you bring the passion to the stories, the money will follow.

One size fits you.

Choose the size you want, and start getting the results you want.

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Sapulpa Times Pricing

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