VIDEO: Reports of Sapulpa man injuring horses at Tulsa protest may not be correct

(Editor’s Note: Sapulpa Times takes a strong stance in favor of peaceful protests, but does not condone actions that may cause harm or destruction of property during such protests.)

A Sapulpa man being accused of felony animal abuse and domestic terrorism by people who have seen certain images on social media regarding a protest that happened in Tulsa over the weekend may not be as guilty as he’s being made out to be.

Jacob Valentine, who lives in Sapulpa according to his now-deleted Facebook profile, is the subject of a petition to be charged with felony animal abuse and domestic terrorism. As of this writing, the statement has been signed by over 92,800 people.

The petition was created by Michelle Braithwood, reportedly from Jacksonville, FL. In the petition, she accuses Valentine of “deliberately and with malicious intent through [sic] a gas bomb into a horse trailer during a violent riot yesterday the 31st of May 2020.”

A video recorded of the incident appears to show Valentine throwing the canister over the trailer and, not into the horse trailer (warning, some strong language in this post):

Braithwood also says that Valentine admitted to the act, but a screenshot from his Facebook specifies that he admits to throwing the canister over, not into the trailer.

Readers have reached out to Sapulpa Times to find out if the Sapulpa Police Department intends to pursue charges against Valentine. According to Sapulpa Police, there’s nothing they can do, since the incident occurred in Tulsa:

We’ve been told about that post. That incident happened in Tulsa. Tulsa PD and/or OHP has jurisdiction. If an investigation of any kind is conducted one of them will do it.

Sapulpa Police Major Mike Reed

Sapulpa Times has been unable to contact Valentine to get a statement regarding the allegations.

This story was updated on June 5th to reflect the updated location of Michelle Braithwood.

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