“Thank you!” Sapulpa Board of Education unanimously removes Superintendent Burr [video]

The applause was deafening in the small conference room.

More folks showed up to this meeting than those who attended the first and second meetings. The crowd numbered nearly 100, at least. It’s not a concert-size crowd, but you wouldn’t have known it by their clapping.

Brandon Mull, who had furnished signs and provided t-shirts with “De-Burr Sapulpa” across the front shouted loud enough for the patrons at the nearby Sonic Drive-in to hear: “Thank you!”


Several others quickly followed, “yes, thank you.”

After an hour of deliberation, almost to the minute, the Sapulpa Board of Education delivered a motion and took a vote to terminate Superintendent Burr’s contract with Sapulpa Public Schools.

The vote was unanimous: “Yes.” He’s done.

The vote gives 30 day’s notice in accordance with school policy, but Burr is free to leave earlier, should he choose. He was not present at the meeting tonight.

When the board stood to exit the room, the applause broke out again, and it appeared that they had performed the will of the community they serve to a large degree.

See the video of the announcement and the reaction from those in attendance at the bottom of this article.

What’s next?

Among the excited conversations of the attendees were the questions. What’s next? Who takes Burr’s position as Superintendent?

In the interim, Assistant Superintendent Robert Armstrong would assume the duties of the Superintendent until a new hire is made and approved by the Board of Education.

Along that same vein, the position of Principal for Holmes Park Elementary, left vacant by Bobby Alfred, has not been filled either, but a search for a replacement is underway.

Alfred strongly recommended current Assistant Principal Roger Johnson for the job, but he still has to apply for it and be interviewed for the position, just like anyone else. Sources say that at least one other candidate from within the district is being considered, but cannot say who.

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