What’s going to happen at Monday’s Board Meeting

June 17, 2016

We previously published that the outrage at the resignation of Holmes Park Elementary Principal Bobby Alfred had driven the school board to schedule an executive session to discuss whether or not to make a statement and/or a possible vote on the situation. Though the agenda has not changed, we did make some implications that are […]

Concern over Alfred’s resignation letter gives way to an “executive session”

June 16, 2016

When Sapulpa Times and The Sapulpa Daily Herald both published Holmes Park Elementary Principal Bobby Alfred’s resignation letter on the same day, it ignited a fire of passionate responses from the community that had only good things to say about the 42-year veteran educator. Thursday morning, the day after the letter was released to the […]

Holmes Park Principal Alfred reveals his reasons for retiring in resignation letter

June 15, 2016

On June 9th, just a few weeks after finishing the formal 2015-2016 school year, Holmes Park Elementary Principal Bobby Alfred, who has dedicated the last 42 years of his life to Sapulpa Public Schools, unexpectedly resigned. A tenure as long as his—with 35 years of it being in administration—gave ample reason for retiring. His resignation […]

Former Kellyville Student funds Kickstarter for first feature film

May 26, 2016

Ethan Cartwright, 2011 Kellyville High School graduate, launched a Kickstarter Campaign in March to fund a his first feature film, a thriller titled “Sins of the Fathers.” He needed nearly $8,000.00 to make it happen, and he reached his goal with less than 24 hours left in the campaign. Hopefully, that’s the kind of edge-of-your […]

Band Director taking Sapulpa Public Schools to places they haven’t been in a long time

May 23, 2016

The Sapulpa High School Band has had no shortage of successes this year. If you weren’t following for the last several years, it might seem as though they’ve become something of an overnight success. Of course Band Director Craig Amendt knows that’s simply not true. It’s taken years of hard work and dedication from him, […]

Local artist Price Jones to appear at Tulsa Comic Expo

May 17, 2016

We normally don’t send folks out to Tulsa when there’s plenty to do in and around Sapulpa, but we’ll certainly make an exception for fellow Sapulpa artist and business owner Price Jones. Jones, a local favorite for his unique handiwork on a myriad of canvases, is slated to have a booth selling his artwork at […]

UPDATED: Watch Sapulpa students line the halls to cheer their Special Olympics team

May 11, 2016

UPDATE: We’ve added photos that Sapulpa Public Schools shared from their Facebook Page, see the bottom of the post. — Every year, Sapulpa’s group of Special Olympians head out to their activities to represent their school and compete. And every year, students will pile into the hallways as these students are making their way out […]

Salsa makers with local ties see success in Kitchen66 concept

May 10, 2016

Russell and Meagan Wagner are just trying to keep a little spice in their marriage—and would probably love to put a little spice in your life as well. This husband and wife team started making craft fresh salsa at some point, and though it was a hit with family and friends, something major was stopping […]

Sapulpa Superintendent: “No layoffs of staff will be required”

May 7, 2016

Summer vacation is only just starting for schools in the area, but Administrators, financial officers and chief counselors are already working hard to prepare for what lies ahead in August. In a recent letter to parents, Sapulpa Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Burr relays how the current state budget shortfall is hitting Oklahoma education in a […]

Highway Patrol feeling pinch of state budget deficit

May 6, 2016

  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is now feeling the pinch of the state’s budget shortfall. Supporters of the agency said they worry any further cuts to the state’s Department of Public Safety could threaten the safety of Oklahoma highways. Troopers said they’ve seen cuts at OHP due to the state’s budget since 2010. They add […]