“It wasn’t pleasant, but it is vital:” what it’s like going through the drive-thru Coronavirus testing

April 8, 2020

The process isn’t a particularly comfortable one, but she said that it’s “vital to get tested” so that our leaders have the information they need to make the decisions they need to.

Opinion: The difference between freedom and license

April 8, 2020

We as a nation are again at war, not with a nation-state, but with a deadly microbe that knows no political allegiance and knows no borders.

Turning Disaster Into Beauty

April 7, 2020

Even the tornadoes that ripped up her trees haven’t stopped Liz Morrow from continuing the transformation in her yard she began five years ago.

Letter to the Editor: Staying Apart, Yet Keeping Us Together

April 7, 2020

When the world begins to fall apart, what nation and its people are they looking to for help? That’s right, us. Because in each American lays an indomitable will. The core of which is perseverance.

Oklahoma crosses 1,000 cases over the weekend, Creek County Health Dept. now offering Curbside Testing

April 6, 2020

The Creek County Health Department is offering curbside COVID-19 resting by appointment. See inside for details.

Meet the K-9 Teams that Serve Creek County

March 31, 2020

Read about the training and help that these K-9 officers bring to different law enforcement groups in the County.

Masked Crusaders: Local seamstresses and tailors answering the call to create hospital masks

March 30, 2020

Read about your friends and neighbors that are taking it upon themselves to fill the need for masks at hospitals, and how to do it yourself!

Creek County has its first Coronavirus-related death; Statewide cases now at 322

March 27, 2020

Creek County has reached a benchmark we’d hoped we’d never see.

Oklahoma COVID-19 cases now at 248, Creek County cases double overnight

March 26, 2020

Creek County COVID-19 cases have doubled from 5 to 10 in the span of 24 hours. Here’s why it shouldn’t surprise you.

Five COVID-19 cases now confirmed in Creek County, State numbers rise to 164

March 25, 2020

There have been two additional deaths reported as well, both in Oklahoma County. There are 8 new counties added to the list of those affected.