Catch iconic Sapulpa locations in this new show starring Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs”

What do a can of Pringles, Hedy Lamarr, snowflakes, Mike Rowe and Sapulpa all have in common?

A new television series on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) based on a popular Podcast “The Way I Heard It” with Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” features five Sapulpa locations, and portions of additional episodes are currently being filmed in Sapulpa and across the state of Oklahoma.

Promotional image for “The Story Behind The Story,” courtesy of TBN.

Can you find the Burnett Mansion, Reasor’s, Greenhill Funeral Home, American Heritage Bank’s boardroom, or the machine shop on Hobson in “The Story Behind the Story?”

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Hint… “The 25 Million Dollar Kiss” features the Burnett Mansion and “Fred’s Final Wish” has American Heritage Bank, Reasor’s and Greenhill Funeral Home.

Rowe said the history-based episodes may be embellished a little—he wasn’t there, after all—but they are based on the factual history of a famous person. Keep watching to see if you can pick out Sapulpa.

Rowe and co-host Matt Crouch humorously weave life lessons and Bible scripture into the whimsical discussion throughout the episodes.

Filming continued in Oklahoma throughout May and in again in mid-July.

Sapulpa Arts & Humanities Foundation is organizing a digital catalog of possible filming locations for this series and future productions. They don’t have to be fancy or restored. Location scouts search for locations to meet the historic period of the production.

Currently, a location scout is searching for unique period 1930-1960 doorways.

If you are interested in submitting your home, property, vehicle, historic building, etc., contact Sheri Ishmael-Waldrop at SA&HF to photograph it or email photographs with contact information and address to

Oklahoma Film and Music is in search of a sound stage site in the Tulsa area. If you have a location SA&HF will introduce you to a member of the OFM staff for more information. 

Photos by Sheri Waldrop.