Woman injured in a motorcycle accident on Thursday afternoon


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A woman is being treated at the hospital for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on Thursday afternoon.

Police say a woman riding a black Indian motorcycle was heading southbound on Main Street when a white Nissan Frontier in the northbound lane attempted to turn left from Main onto Dewey Ave.

Officers say that lights were green on north and southbound lanes, giving the motorcycle the right of way.

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According to the police, the driver of the white truck didn’t see the motorcycle, and the motorcyclist collided with the truck’s back bumper, tumbling from the motorcycle.

The woman sustained a gash on her head, but no other severe injuries, according to officers on the scene. She was transported to St. John’s in Tulsa for treatment. Police say they do not believe she was wearing a helmet.

The driver of the truck suffered no injuries and left the scene after being cleared by the police.

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