Beating the Street For State Sovereignty

April 21, 2018

Governor hopeful Dan Fisher is drumming up support in Sapulpa, running on a campaign of state sovereignty and abolishment of abortion.

Daniel DeLong Files for Creek County Assessor

April 13, 2018

DeLong is a fourth-generation resident of Creek County who has been endorsed by Brian Bingman.

Sapulpa City Council election ends without much change

April 3, 2018

Only Ward 5 will see a change in seat as Bruce Bledsoe replaces incumbent Alan H. Jones.

City Council election is Tuesday, and it’s your chance to make a difference

April 2, 2018

There are three Sapulpa City Council Seats up for election, and one Mounds School Board Seat.

Tuesday Night Election Results

February 13, 2018

Results for Sapulpa City Councilor Ward 2 show lackluster participation, netting under 80 votes total.

Sapulpa City Hall

Sapulpa City Council Elections are shaping up to be interesting

January 8, 2018

Four candidates in one ward mean we’re in for a primary, and there have been inquiries into the eligibility of one candidate.

Gary Richardson, candidate for Governor, comes to Sapulpa

January 4, 2018

Richardson’s primary platforms include making turnpikes free roads again, and lots of accountability.

Sapulpa municipal election filing delayed until January

December 5, 2017

We’d previously reported the filing this week, but it’s now been delayed until January.

Sapulpa, Bristow, Drumright looking to fill municipal seats.

December 4, 2017

Sapulpa has five positions to fill!

Editorial: The ONG franchise vote passes, but that’s not the real story

September 13, 2017

One of the lowest-recorded voter turnouts is the real story behind this new 25-year commitment between Sapulpa and One Gas. Inside, the reasons and solutions for such a missed opportunity.

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