Sapulpa City Council filings include some new and familiar names

The Creek County Election filing wrapped up Wednesday at 5:00 pm for the upcoming February election.

Candidates for Wards Three and Four should win by default since they are running unopposed. Those include Mayor Craig Henderson for Ward Four, and newcomer Alexander Hamilton for Ward Three. Current councilor for Ward Three—Lou Martin, Jr.—has decided not to run again.

A surprise candidate showed up to run for Ward Two, currently held by Vice-Mayor Carla Gunn. While Gunn has filed to retain her seat, she will be opposed by former City Councilor John Anderson, who is coming out of retirement to run again. Anderson is noted for being Sapulpa’s longest-serving City Councilor, having been on the Council for about one-third of Sapulpa’s entire existence. Newcomer London Dobson will also be running for the Ward Two, Seat One position.

A last-minute filing also increased the number of candidates for Ward Five, Seat One to three—David Mortazavi, businessman and restauranteur—probably most well-known as one of the owners of Steak And Eggs—will be running along with Dena Shobe against incumbent Bruce Bledsoe.

Sapulpa City Council

Councilmember – Ward One, Seat One

Councilmember – Ward Two, Seat One

Councilmember – Ward Three, Seat One

  • Alexander Hamilton, 28

Councilmember – Ward Four, Seat One

  • Craig Henderson, 58 (incumbent)

Councilmember – Ward Five, Seat One

  • Bruce Bledsoe, 62 (incumbent, dropped out of race)
  • Dena Shobe, 54 (dropped out of race)
  • David Mortazavi, 50

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