Election Board votes to remove Hoosier from ballot

The Creek County Election Board voted unanimously on Wednesday morning to remove Kaleb Hoosier from the ballot as a candidate for the Ward One seat that was up for election in February.

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John Suggs, current city councilor for Ward One—and the only other candidate running for that seat—filed a formal petition on December 10th with the County Election Board contesting Hoosier’s candidacy for Ward One. In the petition, he alleges that Hoosier is only a recent resident of Ward One, and does not meet the requirements to run for City Council.

“While our City Council in general, and myself, in particular, welcomes interest of any and all candidates, it has been made aware to me that the contestee does not meet the six-month residency requirement to file for this office,” he said in the petition. Suggs cited a July 19th story from the Sapulpa Times where Hoosier announced his candidacy for Ward Three, and alleges that multiple other parties and an audit of Hoosier’s utility services have all substantiated the claim.

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Neither Suggs nor Hoosier were present at the Election Board meeting, but Suggs was represented by attorney Carla Stinnett, who came prepared with evidence to substantiate their position that Hoosier was ineligible.

Because Hoosier did not respond to the petition and was not able to defend his position, a motion was made to strike him from the ballot and carried unanimously by the board. A formal press release announcing the removal is expected later this week.

The removal of Hoosier from the ballot makes Suggs the default winner of the seat as the only eligible candidate who filed, along with Alexander Hamilton of Ward 3, and Mayor Craig Henderson of Ward 4. Wards 2 and 5 remain contested seats, with multiple candidates filing for each.