Dear Aunt Gabby

Is bringing your own food to the movies illegal or just awful?

April 10, 2019

Dear Aunt Gabby…my mom likes to bring food inside the theater; And what can I do to get my mom off my back about letting my cat out at night?

Unemployed and hopeless; hopping mad at my med shortage

March 22, 2019

Dear Aunt Gabby, My name is Ethan. I am tired of my life. My life is hopeless. I have no romantic relationship, I have no job, I have been unemployed for a year and I am not a famous artist making top dollars from selling my art. My life is just going down the drain […]

Advice for a 15-year-old; plus, how can I get taller?

March 13, 2019

Dear Aunt Gabby, Hi, I am 20 years old and I am so short. I am 5’7” and want to be tall. I hate being short. What should I do? Stuck Here Dear Stuck, Five-two here. (I was 5’3 ½” all my adult life and now I’ve shrunk). I am absolutely short. And dang-it, I […]

New kitten should get spayed, new friends should get lost

March 7, 2019

My mom got me a kitten for Christmas and wants me to get her spayed, but I want her to have kittens of her own someday. What do I do?

Dear Aunt Gabby: Should I date a guy who has a reputation for sleeping around?

January 27, 2019

Should I date a guy with a reputation of sleeping with girls when I’m a virgin?

Aunt Gabby, are unicorns real?

December 10, 2018

Dear Aunt Gabby, I am 9 years old. A friend of mine made fun of me for having stuffed animal unicorns in my bedroom. She said I was a baby for thinking that unicorns are real animals. I asked my mom, and she said, she didn’t believe in unicorns, but that I could if I […]

Dear Aunt Gabby, how can we cut down on family stress while traveling for the holidays?

November 27, 2018

Dear Aunt Gabby, It’s that time again. My family always fights and argues over who is eating with whom, which house are we having Thanksgiving in, and who all is invited or not. I have a teenager from a previous marriage and 2 children with my 2nd husband and my family, so I have 3 […]

Aunt Gabby, The woman I’m dating is mean! But will I get another chance?

October 30, 2018

I fell in love with a woman, and now, after dating her for about a year, I realize she is not a nice person.

Aunt Gabby, how do I deal with this potty-mouthed girlfriend?

October 21, 2018

About every other word out of her lovely mouth is a swear word or curse. She doesn’t care who hears her or what she says. It is so embarrassing!

Dear Aunt Gabby, please tell the ladies to stop with the tattoos!

October 16, 2018

I find lots of tattoos on women really trashy. Will you tell women to please stop doing it?