Kellyville students are getting a prom thanks to this group of dedicated individuals

Three week ago, it didn’t look like Kellyville was going to get a prom this year. It wouldn’t have been a huge surprise to much of anyone, given how much students have had to sacrifice this spring as the Coronavirus has made its way around the world.

But another surprise was in store: a group of dedicated ladies in Kellyville stepped up to make it happen. Through their tenacity, they put together in two weeks what should’ve taken months to assemble. It’s official: Kellyville will get their prom, and yes, they’ll be social distancing.

Meet the Buffalo Street Society

Buffalo Street is more or less the “Main Street” of Kellyville, Oklahoma, and has been for generations. It’s the single street that contains most of the town’s retailers. Over the years, the same buildings have housed many different kinds of restaurants and other businesses. Some last longer than others. But through the years, the fledgling town continues to go on. Now, a collection of these business owners want to see it do a little more than just survive. Aptly named “The Buffalo Street Society,” the group consists of Kristin Flores, Kyra Hatfield, Mindy Littlefield, Bekah McIntosh, and Julie Roth. The society was founded in June of 2019 out of a desire to build up the tourism and desirability of the small Route 66 town. “We’re right at 30 minutes from Tulsa,” said founding member Bekah McIntosh. “We’re a group of individuals who want to bring a better future to our town. We want to make it a better home, and a better place to bring your business.”

Left to Right: Kristin Flores, Kyra Hatfield, Mindy Littlefield, Cindy (Cornelius) Russell (of Mountain Creek Lodge), and Bekah McIntosh. Not pictured is Julie Roth.

The society is behind the Creek County Country Christmas from last December, and they are already planning some additional events for the summer, including a “Kellyville Clean Up” day, and a Movie on the Lawn event, both of which are to be determined.

The Kellyville Prom was going to be a small affair. “We just wanted something for the kids to do,” McIntosh said. “It started out small, and then we were able to get more people involved, and next thing you know, it’s a big deal, now.”

The prom will be held at the Mountain Creek Lodge on Slick Road near Kellyville. Sapulpa Times will have a story on that historic facility next week. Owner Cindy Russell met with members of the Buffalo Street Society earlier this week to discuss particulars for the event. They determined to hold most of the event outside in order to help keep the event safe and be able to practice social distancing. The sprawling yard included patio seating, outdoor lights, an arch with a chandelier, and of course, plenty of room to spread out. The event is being dubbed “The 2020 Mask-querade Prom” and the organizers are pushing the attendees to ensure that they follow the regulations and guidelines put into place by the state and city regarding COVID-19.

The society is also providing easy access to rentable gowns for those who need them. Gowns can be found at 57 E. Buffalo street and will require a deposit.

The prom is open for students 9th through 12th grade. It will be held on May 29th from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM and feature photographer and DJ with music. The cost to enter is $10.00 per person at the door (cash only, please).
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