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Sapulpa overwhelmingly votes to renew half-penny sanitation proposal

By Micah Choquette January 12, 2021

A Sewer Tax Election in effect for Sapulpa since 1998 has been renewed today as the polling results report a “Yes” vote of 321 to only 124 “No” votes.

Trump, Lawson, and Hilbert carry local election results

By Micah Choquette November 9, 2020

Oklahoma was once again one of the reddest states in the union as the results from the election on November 3rd came rolling in.

Biden sets voting record, Trump has not conceded the race

By Micah Choquette November 9, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden sets a new record for the most votes cast for a presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Trump has pending litigation in several states.

Decision Desk HQ calls Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, ending the presidential race; only one to do it so far

By Micah Choquette November 6, 2020

DDHQ is the first to call Pennsylvania, and therefore the presidency, for Joe Biden. See how Trump, Romney, and Biden are responding.

Biden eases ahead in Pennsylvania by about 6,000 votes; multiple states still too early to call

By Micah Choquette November 6, 2020

Biden now leads Trump in both Pennsylvania and Georgia as of this morning.

Biden pulls ahead of Trump in Georgia overnight, about 10,000 votes still to go

By Micah Choquette November 6, 2020

A win in Georgia would put Biden at 269 electoral votes; 270 is needed to win.

Michigan and Wisconsin flip overnight, Biden leading by slim margins in crucial states

By Micah Choquette November 4, 2020

See the before and after of what happened in less than eight hours as Biden takes the lead in Wisconsin and Michigan.

What you should know about State Question 814

By Micah Choquette November 2, 2020

Unlike State Question 805, SQ 814 has garnered little attention, thus many Oklahomans are in the dark as to what the measure entails.

Get to know your candidate: Chuck Threadgill

By Charles Betzler November 2, 2020

Chuck Threadgill is running against incumbent Mark Lawson for House District 30. Learn more about why he’s running and what he plans to do if elected.

“The largest turnout I’ve ever seen,” Sapulpans flock to early voting

By Micah Choquette October 29, 2020

Thousands of voters stood in line, sometimes in the rain and wind, in order to cast their vote early for 2020 election.