Kellyville Hosts First Annual Creek County Country Christmas

Kellyville’s first annual “Creek County Country Christmas” was held Wednesday evening, December 18th at the Kellyville City Hall complex.

A myriad of vendors was inside the council chambers, offering hand-crafted Christmas gifts such as aprons, Tshirts, earrings, wooden plaques, candles, homemade confectionary delights, and other custom made objects.

The Kitchen was open, serving Frito Chili Pie, hot dogs, shredded BBQ beef sandwiches, and an assortment of beverages at family prices. The proceeds from the food sales go to the Kellyville Senior Citizens Center.

Anna and Elsa, portrayed by Katie Pridemore and Hailey Dressler, were at the event. Santa Claus was available for photos with the local children. A bouncy castle was located next to Santa’s house.

The highlight of the event was the live reindeer provides by the Reindeer Club of Bristow. This is a family business that goes to schools and other venues, in coordination with the State Department of Agriculture, exhibiting live reindeer and giving an educational presentation about them.

Yukon, the male reindeer, and Rose, the female reindeer, stole the show. Parents had photo opportunities of Rose with their children sitting in a sleigh. Children were able to feed the reindeer.

Nick Ledbetter, the owner of the reindeer company, and his father, Billy, provided a wealth of information about reindeer. For example, did you know that the males usually lose their antlers before Christmas and the females do not lose their antlers until spring? So, Donner and Blitzen would be Violet and Susie. Did you know that reindeer make a clicking sound with their hooves so they can keep track of each other in the snow?

Rebekah McIntosh, who coordinated the event said she was pleased with the turnout, and next year would be “bigger and better.” McIntosh said the money earned from the celebration would be used for the “beautification” project in Kellyville.

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Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler is a contributing writer for Sapulpa Times.