Johnson Named New Holmes Park Elementary Principal

You know that saying, “You can’t go home again”?

It’s a bunch of baloney.

Just ask Roger Johnson, who has been named the new Principal for Holmes Park Elementary, filling the void left by Katherine Stufflebeam’s move into Director of Special Education.

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Johnson, previously served as the school’s Assistant Principal until 2016, when he was asked to become the Principal for Sapulpa’s alternative education school—Bartlett Academy.

When Holmes Park Principal Bobby Alfred resigned in 2016, he was pushing for Johnson to take up the mantle as Principal, but for whatever reason, Sapulpa administration decided to go a different route and placed him at Bartlett, instead.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson excelled at it and during his first year, he graduated the largest class Bartlett had ever seen.

In an emotional post on Facebook where he announced the news about his new position, Johnson made it a point to encourage others:

I’m hoping this serves as a lesson – NEVER GIVE UP!!! Stay positive. Life is tough enough as it is to drop your head and mope when things don’t go your way. Make things happen and be your best every day!

Clearly, his can-do attitude and willingness to, as he says, “follow the path that God places in front of you,” has him reaping well-deserved rewards.

SPS has yet to announce a successor to fill the Principal’s chair at Bartlett Academy.