Holmes Park’s second-grade goat whisperer

Braxton Jack Barger, a 7-year-old from Holmes Park Elementary, is making a big splash in his contests at the Creek County and Tulsa State Fairs bringing home several blue ribbons for his show animals in his first outing. 

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“He showed such focus while practicing in the ring, it shocked us all,” said Barger’s mom, Tamara Wade.

He glowed with love for his goat, Lily, a Lamancha, as he was pinned Peewee Showmanship Dairy Goats Champion at the Creek County Fair and first place in Advanced Showmanship and Junior Get of Sire Open Lamancha Show at the State Fair. 

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Braxton Barger, with his prize-winning goat, Lily.

His affection for goats started during kidding (goats being born) season with his aunt KK and brother Creed. He started out bottling the young “kids” and was hooked for life. According to Wade, Barger took the initiative to educate himself on all the ins and outs of taking care of the animals. He was asked if he wanted to show, and he enthusiastically agreed. 

Barger also showed and won first, second, and third-place ribbons for his chickens, but he really wants to focus on goats. He is showing a sponsored goat, but this goat prodigy and his family are working with the sponsors to help purchase pedigreed bottle babies for being part of the Show Clinic/Creek County Renegades (4H). 

Braxton won first, second, and third-place ribbons on his chickens, too!

Barger is also saving money to buy his own goat. He will continue to participate in sanctioned shows and is already exhibiting the potential to start his own herd one day. 

Braxton Barger, standing with his mom Tamara Wade, said his favorite part of the fair is seeing all of the kinds of goats and riding rides, and “mac-and-cheese.”

Barger was asked what his favorite things about the fair were and he had a few answers.

“My favorite part of the fair is seeing all of the kinds of goats and riding rides and Mac-n-Cheese,” said Barger. 

Barger took home first place at the Creek County Fair in Lamancha 4-8, Goat Grade 12-24 months, Open-Cuckoo Moren Hen, Large Fowl Jr., and Peewee Showmanship Dairy Goats. He also placed third in Goat Sr, 2-3 year, and second and third in Buff Orpington.

At the State Fair he won first Advanced Showmanship, Intermediate Kid Goat, and Junior Get of Sire Open Lamancha Show, as well as second place in Intermediate Grade, 2-year Lamancha. He also participated in the Green County Goat Show and took first place in Intermediate and third place in 2-year Lamancha.

Photos by Sherri Hicks.