Homeless man arrested in Sapulpa for throwing rocks at moving cars

A homeless man from Arkansas was arrested in Sapulpa after police were called and told that he was throwing rocks at cars as they passed him on Mission Street.

Hewes booking photo.

According to the arrest affidavit, 43-year-old Benjamin Hewes was spotted by an officer responding to the call throwing “large red bricks” onto Mission Street. Hewes told police that people were “chasing him,” and that he “couldn’t get anyone to help him.” Hewes allegedly told police that he had walked to Sapulpa from Fort Smith, Arkansas.

A victim told police that he had been driving his 2018 Mercedes north on N. Mission when he heard something hit his car. When he looked back, he saw Hewes standing in the road, yelling. According to the affidavit, the victim told police Hewes was holding something “white” in his hands, which “appeared to be a rock.” When he got home, the victim found the damage on his car, which he estimates to be between “4 or 5 thousand dollars.”

Bennett was arrested on charges of “throwing or dropping an object on or at a moving vehicle.” He has domestic assault and battery convictions from Sebastion County, Arkansas, as well as a felony conviction for Commercial Burglary in the same county.

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