Roger Hendrick retires from Kante Group

Kante Group General Manager Roger Hendrick has retired after eight years of distinguished service, according to an official statement from the organization.

Hendrick is Kante Group owner Ben Kante’s brother, who said “his dedication to innovation and community development has been evident in every project he’s led.”

Roger Hendrick

The Kante Group came to Sapulpa in 2017 with plans to impact Sapulpa in a positive way. During his eight years with the Kante Group, Hendrick has been instrumental in establishing, opening, and successfully operating several key ventures that have significantly contributed to the local community and economy.

Under Hendrick’s leadership, the Kante Group has seen the successful launch and growth of a
diverse portfolio of businesses, including the Crossroads Cookery restaurant, the Waypoint Lounge eSports hangout—a staple for nightlife and entertainment in the area—and perhaps most famously the restored historic Teepee Drive-in, which reopened in 2023 after being closed more than 25 years.

“Roger’s vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence have not only propelled the
Kante Group’s success but have also made a lasting impact on the Sapulpa community,” Ben Kante said of Roger, who also oversaw the development of the SeneStyle Boutique and the revitalization of Old City Hall from a historic building into a retail store, luxury apartment, and an Airbnb.

“His daily presence will be greatly missed, (but) his legacy will continue to inspire us all,” Kante said.

For more information about Roger Hendrick’s retirement or to learn more about the Kante Group’s contributions to the Sapulpa community, please contact Sarah Lehew at

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