“God Always Makes a Way”


In May of last year, a catastrophe occurred at Calvary Baptist Church, the church on the hill at 412 N. 7th St.in Sapulpa. Apparently, high winds blew a giant dent in the roof of the main building. Pastor Scott Gordon, who asked to be called “Scott,” was literally on the phone with the church’s insurance company, when the roof collapsed, causing over $1 million worth of damages to the roof and sanctuary.

Since then, the faithful of Calvary have been holding their services in the Fellowship Hall and the mangled sanctuary is blocked off to prevent anyone from being injured inside. Scott has held his flock together well, and is proud of their strength and faith, that they have not given up on their church and church family.

In the next week or so, the City of Sapulpa will bulldoze the condemned church-owned building, after waiting 60 days to allow the members to take the building down themselves. Scott said the reason it has taken so long to proceed with the rebuilding of their church is that the insurance company offered them a settlement that was too low to replace the building and they had to go through litigation to get an amount reasonable enough to continue.

When the church needed something or was at wit’s end, Scott said he didn’t worry.

“All throughout this process, God always supplied that need for us,” Scott told the Sapulpa Times.

The City of Sapulpa should be out next week to tear down the building, since there was a delay this week. Scott declared that within 6 months to one year, they would rebuild.

Scott said he was “pleased at the generous people of the community who have come forward to help.” When asked if there was anything else they needed, Scott said, “Continue to pray for us. God will always make a way.”

If you would like to donate to the church, please send your check to their address on N. 7th, or call Pastor Scott Gordon at 918/224-1167 or visit their website at  www.calvarybaptistchurchsapulpa.com

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