Costs of grass fires adding up for Sapulpa fire departments

Fire departments all across Green Country have been battling grass fires for the past several weeks. The area is still under a high fire danger alert for Wednesday’s strong winds. However, the costs of fighting all the grass fires are starting to add up for fire departments.

Several agencies were called to help put out a big grass fire near Bixby, Monday. On the list of crews responding was the Sapulpa Fire Department.

“We like to help out because those other jurisdictions help us when we need help, so we all kind of have to play the game. But when they come back in we have broken equipment, fuel costs, there are a lot of costs associated with that,” said fire chief David Taylor.

Broken equipment when fighting grass fires can range from water hoses to pumps or tires. Sapulpa assistant fire chief Steve Fleak said the biggest expense is having enough man-power.

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