Special Interest

A bear in Sapulpa? Tracks found on the banks of Rock Creek

September 26, 2019

Could you encounter a bear in Sapulpa? Officials say it’s not likely, but here are some tips, just in case.

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Celebrates its 117th Anniversary

November 1, 2018

Good Shepherd has been served by 33 priests, and is celebrating their 117th Anniversary this Month.

Pretty In Pink: New ambulance gets a special paint job for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 16, 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of that occasion, the Creek County Ambulance service had one of its new ambulances painted pink, the color of Breast Cancer Awareness.  The pink one is a Dodge Promaster, outfitted with ambulance equipment by Malley of Canada.  The other three ambulances (1 is a 2018, and 2 […]

Do you remember? A look at Sapulpa in days gone by

October 10, 2018

Take a moment to reminisce about the things Sapulpa used to have, and the way life used to be.

“No Wind Catcher” movement is picking up steam as plans for substation move closer to Sapulpa

July 20, 2018

The substation—formerly expected to be built in Bixby—will now be built somewhere south of Glenpool or Sapulpa.

Former Sapulpa man who says that cannabis “changed his life” is being called out as a scam artist

June 12, 2018

After a controversial story on a man who says cannabis cured his COPD, scores of readers reach out to warn the public to beware.

Sapulpa Times is bringing you back into the conversation with new commenting features

February 28, 2018

We’ve added ways of promoting your loyalty, with upvotes, badges and featured comments.

Editorial: The ONG franchise vote passes, but that’s not the real story

September 13, 2017

One of the lowest-recorded voter turnouts is the real story behind this new 25-year commitment between Sapulpa and One Gas. Inside, the reasons and solutions for such a missed opportunity.

SapulpaJobs.com gets a facelift, more features…and a price tag

August 21, 2017

Just launched in June, SapulpaJobs.com introduces new features for employers and job seekers, and will be updating their pricing model to continue making improvements and providing customer support.

Sapulpa Times Announces Major Updates to its Community Events Calendar

August 9, 2017

As part of an ongoing effort to keep the community informed of local events that support Sapulpa’s businesses and organizations, Sapulpa Times has shifted it’s Facebook marketing strategy from a “Share our stuff all the time” approach to more of a shotgun method that promotes the events of our town and surrounding communities. The response has […]