Pretty In Pink: New ambulance gets a special paint job for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of that occasion, the Creek County Ambulance service had one of its new ambulances painted pink, the color of Breast Cancer Awareness.  The pink one is a Dodge Promaster, outfitted with ambulance equipment by Malley of Canada.  The other three ambulances (1 is a 2018, and 2 are 2016s) sport the original blue and white logos of Creek County Ambulance.

Kerry Harlin is the CCAMB Public Information Officer, who gave Sapulpa Times the grand tour of the new equipment. First, he had the shiny beast moved into the sunshine for its close-ups. Then, Sean Rogers, Paramedic, demonstrated how the Stryker Power Load System works to load and unload patients with the touch of a lever, not manual strength.

“It saves a lot of backs,” Rogers, said. He commented how much more comfortable it is and offers a “much smoother ride” for patients. Mr. Harlin said all the new ambulances will be geared up with the new Power Loa  System and all frontline vehicles, even the older ones, will be equipped within 60 days. The employees  underwent training to successfully operate the Power Load system, prior to the October 11th launch day for the Pink Ambulance.

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