Reed Architecture trains four summer interns

“We’ve never had a team like this one! This marks the eighth straight year we’ve trained at least one summer intern, the first time we’ve had four.” (The fourth one starts July 5th)

Jun Robinson achieves her architect license

“Jun is an outstanding architect. This great accomplishment demonstrates her talents and passion to follow through on her goals. She is a great member of our team!”​

PLN Venue rebrands as Glass Chapel West

PLN Resort and Venue has partnered with Tulsa’s Glass Chapel to become known as Glass Chapel West, according to a statement on their Facebook Page last week.

City Council To Consider a “Tax Increment District”

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday, May 15th to form a committee to investigate and possibly start the process of creating a “tax increment district” in Sapulpa, as a way to reimburse the cost for certain projects happening within the downtown area, mostly those associated with the Downtown Master Plan.