Photos and Video: Watch as a Sapulpa Middle Schooler sees her brother for the first time in a year

By Micah Choquette October 22, 2019

Austin Martin has just returned from a year of active military duty. His sister Tayber Belk hadn’t seen him until this morning.

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Shirley Zachai

October 22, 2019

Loyce Dickey

October 22, 2019

Vern Edmonson

October 15, 2019

David Main

October 15, 2019

Kellyville Board Trustee John Taylor resigns after a heated special meeting on Thursday

By Charles Betzler October 11, 2019

Taylor resigned on Friday morning. Though he gave no reason in his written statement, he allegedly told others it was due to “health concerns”

Kellyville’s new Police Chief has resigned, Town Administrator says

By Micah Choquette October 10, 2019

Hutchins has resigned his post less than 48 hours after the board voted him in.

Kellyville hires new Police Chief and fires Town Attorney; Mayor, Interim Chief, and Reserve Officer resign in protest

By Charles Betzler October 9, 2019

Kellyville Mayor Terry Voss stormed out of the meeting surrounded by Kellyville officers, where he collapsed in the parking lot and had to be attended to by paramedics.

What do you believe in? Who have you told?

By Brooke DeLong October 8, 2019

Brooke talks about the importance of speaking out about your rights, freedoms and beliefs, and of registering to vote.

Woman leaves bar, runs stop signs, slips cuffs, head-butts police

By Micah Choquette October 8, 2019

This woman left a bar on Saturday, allegedly driving too fast, hitting a curb and running stop signs. Things just got worse from there.

Sapulpa man suspects girl of seeing another guy, allegedly hits her in the eye with a shoe

By Micah Choquette October 8, 2019

A guy who thought his girl of “2 or 3 weeks” was talking to another guy, allegedly wrecked her apartment and hit her in the eye with a shoe.

Pedestrian struck and killed on New Sapulpa Road

By Micah Choquette October 8, 2019

The as-yet-unidentified man, was trying to cross the highway at the Buffalo Statue when he was struck.

Serial multi-state shoplifter caught at Sapulpa Walmart

By Micah Choquette October 7, 2019

In addition to convictions ranging from arson to kidnapping, this guy has been getting kicked out of Walmarts in at least two states.

Photos: Early-morning drive-by shooting in Sapulpa leaves no injuries, but residents stunned

By Micah Choquette October 5, 2019

A family is reeling after being shocked awake by what police are saying was a drive-by shooting. At…

Former Smith Sisters location facing abatement for violation of city code

By Micah Choquette October 4, 2019

The now-closed gas station has 10 days to comply; the location is being considered for a medical marijuana dispensary

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