Lawmakers Thank AG for Appeal on Abortion Ruling

By Community Submission April 9, 2020

“The state is not required to prioritize ending human life in utero over saving human lives, and certainly, nothing in the Constitution says so.”

Senate Review by Senator James Leewright

By Community Submission

Read about what triggered the special session this week and what the state did to take precautions to keep everyone healthy.

The New Normal: How Coronavirus is impacting local churches and ministries

By Brooke DeLong

“We will explore how to take the negatives and turn them around. All in all, it could be a much-needed pushing of the envelope.”

State reaches 1,684 confirmed cases of COVID-19; Health department warns about gatherings during Easter

By Micah Choquette

Families are encouraged to celebrate the upcoming religious holidays and spring festivities virtually.

The New Normal: How Coronavirus is impacting local repair businesses

By Charles Betzler

The Sapulpa Times spoke to several local repair businesses to find out how the pandemic has affected business and what precautions are they taking.

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Oklahoma Senate approves measures stabilizing state budget, affirming governor’s health emergency declaration

By Community Submission April 8, 2020

The Oklahoma Senate met in special session and regular session on Monday. Read more about what they did to prevent automatic budget cuts.

State cases of COVID-19 now at 1,524; no new cases in Creek County

By Micah Choquette April 8, 2020

As of Wednesday, there are 1,524 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, with 79 deaths.

House Democrats blame Republicans for Hillcrest Medical Center furloughs

By Community Submission April 8, 2020

“States that have expanded Medicaid are in a much better position to combat COVID-19 and are showing better results. Oklahoma is not one of those states.”

Opinion: The difference between freedom and license

By Charles Betzler April 8, 2020

We as a nation are again at war, not with a nation-state, but with a deadly microbe that knows no political allegiance and knows no borders.

“It wasn’t pleasant, but it is vital:” what it’s like going through the drive-thru Coronavirus testing

By Micah Choquette April 8, 2020

The process isn’t a particularly comfortable one, but she said that it’s “vital to get tested” so that our leaders have the information they need to make the decisions they need to.

Creek County has second coronavirus-related death; total cases at 47

By Micah Choquette April 7, 2020

As of Tuesday, April 7th, there are 1,472 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, and there are an additional 16 deaths.

Turning Disaster Into Beauty

By Brooke DeLong April 7, 2020

Even the tornadoes that ripped up her trees haven’t stopped Liz Morrow from continuing the transformation in her yard she began five years ago.

Letter to the Editor: Staying Apart, Yet Keeping Us Together

By Community Submission April 7, 2020

When the world begins to fall apart, what nation and its people are they looking to for help? That’s right, us. Because in each American lays an indomitable will. The core of which is perseverance.

Sapulpa City Hall

City of Sapulpa clarifies its policy regarding utility cutoffs: “Utilities will not be cutoff to residential properties”

By Micah Choquette April 7, 2020

The City says utilities will not be cutoff to residential properties for violations of an emergency order during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sapulpa City Council raises maximum fine for emergency orders, does not tighten restrictions

By Micah Choquette April 6, 2020

You will not be forced to wear a mask, but refusal to comply with the city’s emergency ordinance could lead to a fine or having your utilities cut off.

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