Sapulpa City Council Honors Major Nate Norton

By Charles Betzler | August 23, 2019

This week’s city council meeting had several items on the agenda, including saying goodbye to Major Nate Norton after 35 years.


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Donald Henderson

August 22, 2019

Shirley Adams

August 22, 2019

Jonathan Engles

August 21, 2019

Guy Charles

August 21, 2019

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LifeGate raffles custom motorcycle donated by owners of Sapulpa Laundry

By Charles Betzler August 20, 2019

LifeGate has a long-term success rate of 51-53%, sharply overcoming the national average of 6-8%

WATCH: Class of 2020 watches the sunrise before the first day of school

By Community Submission August 16, 2019

Approximately 50 seniors got up a little early to meet at 6:30 Thursday morning. Once there, they took pictures, played frisbee, and laughed as the sun slowly came up over the stadium.

Nature Knows Best: Thinking Outside The Lunch Box

By Brooke DeLong August 16, 2019

Before long, packing a lunch for school will get boring and monotonous. Here are some ideas to keep them great and healthy! Includes a free recipe for Texas Caviar!

This fourth grader’s mom met her at the bus stop dressed up as a dancing cow on the first day of school

By Micah Choquette August 16, 2019

This is Xoey and she started fourth grade on Thursday. She has no idea what’s coming.

Governor Signs Two Bills Authored by Hilbert

By Community Submission August 14, 2019

Hilbert said. “We worked hard this session to pass House Bill 1262 with overwhelming bipartisan support, and I’m proud to have served as the author of this bill.”

Kellyville board declines to promote interim police chief, prompting only other full-time officer to give notice

By Micah Choquette August 14, 2019

“If they keep this up, Kellyville will not have a police force in two weeks.”

Looks like that train that goes from OKC through Sapulpa and into Tulsa is definitely not happening

By Micah Choquette August 13, 2019

A long-awaited chance to take a trip from Tulsa to OKC by train appears to have made it’s final stop. Details inside, plus photos and videos of the trial runs!

Sapulpa man assaulted by sister in his own home

By Micah Choquette August 13, 2019

A woman with no prior criminal history is now facing domestic abuse charges for attacking her brother over a week ago.

Cousins accused of shooting at a car with children inside in Turley have been arrested in Sapulpa

By Micah Choquette August 13, 2019

Two men charged with shooting with intent to kill in Turley have been found and arrested in Sapulpa.

Man’s alleged assault sends his cousin to the hospital with fractured bones and severe bruising

By Micah Choquette August 13, 2019

A doctor at St. John’s Hospital said the injuries on the victims face were the result of a fractured cheekbone and fractured nose.

Meet Sapulpa’s newest teachers from each school

By Micah Choquette August 13, 2019

See all the new teachers for the 2019-2020 school year and where they’ll be teaching.

Historic Sapulpa newspapers are now available online

By Micah Choquette August 12, 2019

A new online gateway allows you to view and search the contents of local newspapers that haven’t existed for decades.

Sapulpa’s iconic Burnett Mansion is now home to the Make Sense Foundation

By Lottie Wilds August 12, 2019

Learn more about the history of this Sapulpa treasure, and the plans that SeneGence international has for the foundation’s new home.

Op-Ed: The Yates County Collaboration

By Brian Patrick August 9, 2019

Could Creek County see the inter-party collaboration exemplified in the northeast?

Creek County Commissioners news from the week of August 5th

By Lottie Wilds August 5, 2019

The meeting included tax sales, approval of body cams for the sheriff’s office, and approval for an unpaved road near the county line.

Blue Card introduced for Sapulpa senior citizens

By Community Submission August 5, 2019

What is the Blue Card? For those 65 and over, it’s a free pass into any schools-sponsored event.

Do you remember…these childhood toys?

By Charles Betzler August 4, 2019

What was life like for kids before internet? Well they had all kinds of toys to choose from, most of which did not require batteries.

Tax-Free weekend is here; these are the rules on what is and is not tax-free through Sunday

By Micah Choquette August 2, 2019

What items are exempt? How long does it last? Can I use coupons? Those answers and more inside.

The Creek County Memorial Law Ride: A Community Event

By Brooke DeLong July 30, 2019

The Creek County Officer Memorial was damaged during the Memorial Day tornado that hit Sapulpa. Now a local motorcycle club wants to restore it.

All the dates you need to know before your kids head back to school

By Micah Choquette July 30, 2019

The first day of school is August 15th, but the preparation will start as early as this week. Here’s what you need to know.