Sapulpa soldier’s death has more questions than answers

By Charles Betzler June 28, 2020

New information about the case of Sapulpan Greg Morales, whose remains were found in a shallow grave in Kileen, Texas, has his mother asking questions about how the Army handled his disappearance.

The 411 on SQ 802

By Charles Betzler June 27, 2020

Learn more about State Question 802 and its proposal to expand Medicaid.

Get to know your candidates before Tuesday’s election

By Lottie Wilds June 27, 2020

Feel like you would like to know a bit more about each of the candidates come up for election? We’ve got you covered.

For The Love of Books has moved, new location is now open

By Micah Choquette June 25, 2020

Sapulpa’s only true book store has moved to a new location, and they’re now open for business.

Why should I vote? Be a citizen, not a subject!

By Charles Betzler June 24, 2020

Those voting groups with the lowest turnout have the most to lose by not voting and the most to gain by participating in the electoral process.

Voting 101: How to vote in the upcoming election

By Charles Betzler June 23, 2020

Learn more about how to register, how to vote, and where you need to go.

How to obtain an absentee ballot

By Charles Betzler June 23, 2020

There’s still time to get an absentee ballot for next week’s election, but today’s the last day to apply.

Dick’s On 66 Brings a Restaurant Back to Downtown Sapulpa

By Micah Choquette June 23, 2020

Been open less than two weeks and they’re already shaking things up—on Thursday, Dick’s will be opening for breakfast with new menu items.

Gallery: 2020 Art Show Winners

By E. B. Thompson June 23, 2020

See the gallery from Saturday’s Art Show, and get a list of the winners in each category.

State Rep. Mark Lawson Receives Award from OSA

By Brooke DeLong June 22, 2020

Lawson’s work on HB 2272 earned him high praise from Sheriff Bret Bowling, who called Lawson “a great advocate for law enforcement.”

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