Sapulpa Historical Society Holds 50th Annual Meeting

By Don Diehl March 23, 2019

No stranger to the Society and its meetings, recently-retired Creek County District Judge Joe Sam Vassar was the speaker.

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Council Listens to the Public

By Lottie Wilds March 23, 2019

A homeowner takes the city to task about results of construction in his addition.


Alcoholic Beverage Tax Down for month, attendees say Lent is to blame

By Lottie Wilds March 23, 2019

Attendees say Lent was to blame for lower alcohol beverage sales tax in February, say next month will be better thanks to St. Patrick’s Day.

Honorary Firefighter laid to rest

By Julia Choquette March 23, 2019

In Anthony’s honor, Sapulpa Mayor Reg Green christened March 20th as “Anthony Scott Bowers Day”

Suspect Makes Walmart Run Prior to Arrest for Burglary of His Cousin’s House

By E. B. Thompson March 23, 2019

A woman whose home had been burglarized recognized one of the burglars as her cousin.

VIDEO: Watch the footage of the horrific crash off New Sapulpa Road

By Micah Choquette March 23, 2019

UPDATE: The driver has turned himself in. Watch the video of a horrific car accident that police say the victims were lucky to live through.

Nerd Knowledge: How does GPS even work?

By Charles Betzler March 22, 2019

At one time it was nothing more than science fiction. Now, GPS has become a staple of our everyday travel. But how does it actually work?

Unemployed and hopeless; hopping mad at my med shortage

By Aunt Gabby March 22, 2019

Dear Aunt Gabby, My name is Ethan. I am tired of my life. My life is hopeless. I…

What to Do This Weekend (March 21 – March 24)

By E. B. Thompson March 21, 2019

Community gardening, a crochet class, and a blood drive are happening around town this weekend!

The ride along: stepping into the shoes of our county sheriffs deputies

By Brooke DeLong March 21, 2019

The biggest worry I had for this story, was that I could not paint the picture vividly enough.

Do You Remember…The Gas Wars?

By Charles Betzler March 21, 2019

The gas stations of yesteryear are a far cry from the convenience stores of today. Do you remember the gas wars?

BOE Meeting passes yearbooks, STEM grant, Paypal account and more

By E. B. Thompson March 18, 2019

Special attention was called to Sapulpa’s nurse shortage, of which for the suggested five full-time nurses, Sapulpa only has two, and one part-time.

Citizen science program needs your help observing the weather!

By Community Submission March 16, 2019

Submitted by Charles Kuster Do you ever wonder how much rainfall you received from a recent thunderstorm? How…

Audits and Cabinets and Bids…Oh, My!

By Lottie Wilds March 16, 2019

The Creek County Commissioners met on March 4th, 2019, to accept the audit results from the Creek Co.…

A completely different culture

By Micah Choquette March 16, 2019

Hilbert and Lawson talk about what it’s like to be more experienced, and how glad they are to be working under Stitt.

Drumright man on trial for killing man with a hammer given mistrial by hung jury

By Micah Choquette March 16, 2019

The man who says he was defending his home and protecting his 18-month-old daughter spent nearly a year in solitary confinement.

47th Annual Swap Meet Coming in April

By Don Diehl March 14, 2019

People selling or seeking automotive parts and collectibles come from all over the area and other states to take part in this annual event.

Man blames car theft on cheating wife

By E. B. Thompson March 14, 2019

On Sunday, March 3 at approximately 12:30 a.m., Sapulpa Police Officer Jacob Patton was dispatched to America’s Best…

Texas Man Gets Second DUI in Two Months

By E. B. Thompson March 14, 2019

On Monday, March 4 at approximately 1:30 a.m. Sapulpa Police Officer Jason Hedges while on nightly patrol observed…

What to Do This Weekend (March 14 – March 17)

By E. B. Thompson March 13, 2019

Political meetings, painting classes, furry friends, and St. Patrick’s Day are all going on this weekend!

What separates the top achievers from the average joe?

By William Wimmer March 13, 2019

A successful salesman summed up his success with three simple words: “and then some.” He explained that what…

Nature Knows Best: Dandelions are more helpful than you think!

By Brooke DeLong March 13, 2019

As I write this it is 14 degrees outside with a much cooler windchill factor. But, spring will…