The Sapulpa Animal Shelter has almost 3 times more animals than it can hold

And it’s getting worse.

A popular story by Fox23 has shown a light on a serious problem in Sapulpa’s local animal shelter: overcrowding. In a facility equipped to handle 15 animals, the crowded population reaches 40 and growing. See the video

What’s worse, the administrators at the shelter say that the dogs coming through the doors these days are healthy—many of them have collars but no tags—leading them to believe that they actually have owners who just haven’t secured them properly.

Not securing your animal, leaving it to be found by the local authorities, can be not only dangerous and tragic, but can cost a hefty fine—a grim result of what should be a celebratory moment.

Unfortunately, it’s the reality of the situation. Some of these animals—who have owners—may eventually have to be put down, because there simply isn’t enough room to hold them.

Of course, they’d prefer that these animals be adopted, and they provide a Facebook Page that aides in doing just that. The Sapulpa Furry Friends Page on Facebook shows scores of adorable dogs and cats in need of a good home. For a small fee, you can adopt one that’s had all of it’s shots, along with being spayed or neutered.
Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

Micah is the Owner and Publisher of Sapulpa Times.