The Route 66 Art Show winners are in, and they’re amazing

Sapulpa Arts & Humanities Foundation held its 36th Annual Art Show on Saturday, with 120 pieces of art created by artists of all ages.

“Our community has a very talented group of artists,” said director Sheri Ishmael-Waldrop. “Each year we look forward to seeing what they have created and sharing that with our audience.”

Those awarded ribbons during the annual Rt. 66 Art Show and Sale are as follows:

  • Reed Architecture Best of Show was awarded to Sarah Fuller for “Spirit”
  • The Jane and Stan Johnson People’s Choice was awarded to Jaylen Grisier for “Regal”

Carletti Dentistry and Associates and Dr. Charles Gebetsberger provided ribbons for all of our winners.


Watercolor Painting

 1st – Roger Johnson, Untitled

2nd – Wm Maurice Clyma, My Rose Bush

Oil Painting

1st – Alice Hurlbert, Blossom

2nd – A.J Uphold, the Studio Couch

3rd – A.J. Uphold, No Rules

Acrylic Painting

1st – Darla Satterfield, Sailing Solo – Never Alone

2nd Lori Vaughn, Volnado


1st – Alice Hurlburt, Sweet Natalie

2nd – G.W. Royse, Intensity

Mixed Media

1st – D.J. Hejtmanek, The Vanguard

2nd – Tanner Johnson, Untitled

3rd – Roger Johnson

Sculpture, Pottery or 3-D

1st – Peggy Sheldon, Tall Vase

2nd – Sherry Royse, Star Gazers

2nd – Peggy Sheldon, Mountain Peaks

Adult Non-professional

Watercolor Painting

1st – Dottie Mattimore, Sapulpa Community Theater

2nd – Cheryl Warren, Exit from the Grand Canyon

3rd – W. Maurice Clyma, Shakespear and Company – Paris

Oil Painting

1st – Carolyn Gardner, Morning Glpw

2nd – Carolyn Gardner, Peaceful Retreat

3rd – Fern Patterson, Patterson’s Pond

Honorable Mention – Fern Patterson, Bowl of Flowers

Acrylic Painting

1st – Cheryl Warren, Early Morning Calm

2nd – Roberta Nevels, Blue Waters

3rd – Blaine DePriest, Temper

Honorable Mention: Emily Reed, Health Inspector


1st – Edward Taylor, Hornbill

2nd – Edward Taylor, White Eared Hummingbird

3rd – DeEllen Bush, Strength

Mixed Media

1st – Teri Beane, Voices

2nd – Lee Snapp, Hey Diddle Diddle

Sculpture, Pottery or 3-D

1st – Sarah Fuller, Spirit

2nd – Roberta Nevels, Basket with Flowers and Birds

Color Photography

1st – Brandi Reed, Oklahoma Skies

2nd – Brenda English, Gone Fishing

3rd – Roberta Nevels, Hawaiian Evenings

Black & White Photography

1st – Brandi Reed, Best Friends

Young Adult

Color on Paper of Canvas

1st – Jaylen Grister, Regal

2nd – Jaylen Grister, Rainbow Garden

Black & White on Paper or Canvas

1st – Chloe Bart, Artichoke

2nd – Hannah Gattis, Her Best Friend

Color Photography

1st – Brooke Reagle, Golden Hour

2nd – Brooke Reagle, Young and Free

Black and White Photography

1st – Brooke Reagle, September Night

Youth 11-14

Color on Paper

1st – Rilley Tolle, Window to the Soul

2nd – Hannah Stephan, Sunny Rain

3rd – Maris Hudspeth, Lily Garden

Color on Canvas

1st – Eli Carathers, Hippopotamus

Black and White Paper or Canvas

1st – Delaney Aldridge, Is it Friday Yet?

2nd – Chloe Bart, Shark

3rd – Journey Piegon, IDK Car

Honorable Mention – Emery Stepheson, Pickle the Dinosaur; Emery Stepheson, Emery Sunflowers;  and Nevaeh Turley, Colorful Coconuts!

Color Photography

1st – Nathaniel Harjo, When the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains

2nd – Kiva Harjo, Mr. Chedda

Sculpture, Pottery, 3-D

1st – Kiva Harjo, Ankylosaur

2nd – Chloe Bart, Timmy

Youth 7-10

Color on Paper

1st – Charley Bright, Bridge

2nd – Addison Kirby, Fall

3rd – Charlie Cole, Big Wave

Honorable Mention: Ryanna Mullins, Chameleon; Terry Patton, Peaceful; Malia DeVaill, Happy Husky Day; Sam Shibley, Sunset Drive; Bree Quigley, Tiger Fun.

Color Canvas

1st – Ahnah Carathers, Winter Church

2nd – Ava Walters, Piggy’s Burger Cat:

3rd – Haddie Siebel, Foxey

Honorable Mention: Palmer Seibel, Island Paradice; Ahnah Carathers, Waved.

Black & White on Paper or Canvas

1st – Juniper Sisemore, Flower Power

Color Photography

1st – Kendal Graves, Summer in Chicago

Sculpture, Potter, 3-D

1st Jayden Graves, Sparkles

Child 6 & Under

Color on Paper or Canvas

1st – Rylee Snapp, Animal Friends

2nd – Jackson Easton, Tye-Dino-Dyed

Honorable Mention – Jackson Easton, Bugged

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the Arts and Humanities in Sapulpa, Reed Architecture, Carletti Dentistry and Associates, Stan and Jane Johnson, and Dr. Charles Gebetsberger. Their support made the annual show possible. 

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