Sapulpa votes YES on all 6 proposals in 2020 GO Bond



Sapulpa voters passed all six of the 2020 General Obligation Bond proposals on Tuesday, January 14th.

Members of the Creek County Election Board count ballots for Tuesday’s 2020 GO Bond Election.

As the polling places closed at 7:00 p.m., the numbers began rolling in. Some were better than others. In particular, Propositions 4 and 5, for the economic development fund, and the construction of a new Booker T. Washington Recreation Center respectively, looked like they might not pass, voting yes at a narrow margin of about 55% for the majority of the evening. It finally finished with a winning margin of just under ten points.

County Election Board Secretary Joy Naifeh said she was pleased to see a larger-than-average voter turnout for a January election. “We were only expecting about a thousand,” she told Sapulpa Times on Tuesday evening.

Get familiar with the proposals in this Bond Election here.

The next step is for the city to fulfill the recently approved Bond Oversight & Advisory Committee to begin the process of moving these Bonds along.

There were a total of 1,411 voters, and here’s how they voted:

PROPOSITION 1: Repairing Streets and Bridges

Yes: 1,017 (72.18%)

No: 392 (27.82%)

Total Votes: 1,411

PROPOSITION 2: Public Safety Buildings

Yes: 944 (66.9%)

No: 467 (33.1%)

Total Votes: 1,411

PROPOSITION 3: Park Improvements

Yes: 898 (63.69%)

No: 512 (36.31%)

Total Votes: 1,410

PROPOSITION 4: Economic Growth

Yes: 810 (58.74%)

No: 569 (41.26%)

Total Votes: 1,379

PROPOSITION 5: Booker T. Washington Rec Center

Yes: 750 (54.07%)

No: 637 (45.93%)

Total Votes: 1,387

PROPOSITION 6: Sapulpa’s Youth Sports Complex

Yes: 858 (62.08%)

No: 524 (37.92%)

Total Votes: 1,382

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