“A Master Plan” – First look at the bond proposal City Council is expected to announce Monday



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“We’re not going to start spending money without some sort of a master plan,” Sapulpa City Attorney David Widdoes told Sapulpa Times on Wednesday.

And what a plan it is: the six-part GO Bond Proposition consists of improvements to nearly every facet of the city in some form, whether it be streets, amenities, “quality of life” improvements, capitalizing on our place at Route 66, or simply finishing things we’ve already started.

Proposition A

For the purpose of acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, extending, enlarging, improving, and repairing the streets and bridges within said City:

Highway 117A and Highway 66 intersection and roadway improvement to Ozark Trail including signalization. $1,290,000.00;

49th West Avenue and Highway 117 intersection improvements, including signalization and widening. $2,140,000.00;

Fund Master Plan for Central Business District streets and acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, enlarge, improve and repair streets in the Central Business District, including sidewalks, alleyways, lighting, signage, and other right-of-way amenities. $5,150,000.00;

Widen and resurface East Dewey Avenue from North Watchorn to North Ruble and Mayfield Street between East Thompson and East Dewey Avenue, including adjoining intersections. $2,060,000.00;

Total for Proposition A: $10,640,000.00.

Proposition B

For the purpose of acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, improving, remodeling, and repairing public safety buildings and facilities and acquiring necessary lands therefor and purchasing and installing public safety equipment:

Police vehicle replacement (10). $278,000.00;

Police Station HVAC/building upgrades. $180,000.00;

Police technology and mobile data systems including radios, computers, and upgrades. $540,000.00;

Construct and equip Fire Station #3 replacement to be located at 10 E. Murphy Avenue. $2,370,000.00;

What the new Firestation 3 could look like. Rendering provided by the City of Sapulpa.

Fire Training Facility. $1,545,000.00;

Refurbish 2 fire trucks. $722,000.00;

Total for Proposition B: $5,635,000.00.

Proposition C

For the purpose of purchasing, constructing, equipping, improving, extending and beautifying public parks and park lands, and recreational facilities:

McGoy Park upgrade and restroom. $206,000.00;

Liberty Park ADA playground. $618,000.00;

Proposed rendering what what Liberty Park ADA equipment could look like. Provided by the City of Sapulpa.

Golf Course flood mitigation and irrigation. $1,185,000.00;

Updates and improvements to the city-owned park and recreation facilities, lake properties, RV and camping sites, including replacement park equipment. $1,081,000.00;

Total for Proposition C: $3,090,000.00.

Proposition D

For economic development or community development purposes within or near the City, and acquiring necessary property and lands therefor:

Acquisition, construction, equipping, furnishing, developing, financing, funding and sponsoring economic development or community development projects as determined by the City Council. $4,000,000.00;

Proposition E

For the purpose of constructing, equipping, replacing, and improving the Booker T. Washington Recreation Center, including road access improvements and acquiring necessary property and lands therefor:

Booker T. Washington Recreation Center located at 209 North Gray Street including road access improvements. $8,500,000.00;

Rendering of what a new Booker T. Washington Rec. Center could look like. Provided by the City of Sapulpa.

Proposition F

For the purpose of constructing, equipping and improving the Sapulpa Youth Sports Complex, recreation and park facilities and acquire necessary property and lands therefor:

Improvements and additions to the Sapulpa Youth Sports Complex on Cheyenne Road including 6 Baseball Fields and parking lot expansion, Soccer Complex and parking lot, flood plain study and flood mitigation and construction of road access. $8,220,000.00;

What the finished sports complex is expected to look like. Provided by the City of Sapulpa.

Grand Total of GO Bond in full: $40,085,000

How it will be paid:

The current mill levy for Sapulpa residents is 13.61. According to Widdoes, preliminary focus groups have said they’d be comfortable increasing that from 15 to 18. The costs of the 2020 Bond Propositions include a future levy of 18.67 at the highest anticipated levy, which means that bonds will be issued in series, resulting in varying mil levies for their respective terms.

Put simply, if you own a home worth $100,000 and all the bonds passed, you’re looking at an increase of about $55.66 a year, or $4.64 a month.

The City Council will make the decision on whether or not to approve this proposal on Monday evening at 7:00 pm. If approved, an election could be held in January.

Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

Micah is the owner/Editor-In-Chief of Sapulpa Times and passionate about telling the everyday stories in the town that we love. You can find him on Twitter at @meetmicah or email him at news@sapulpatimes.com.

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