Sapulpa City Council discusses new Route 66 park and approves new traffic lights

Monday’s city council meeting brought forward several key items such as federal funding for a Route 66-themed park and approving two new street lights. 

The first street light would be located at the intersection of Dewey Avenue and Mission Street and the second light at the intersection of Taft Avenue and Hickory Street. Approximately $138,000 will be allocated for the installation of these lights and the required infrastructure. 

Council members heard details about federal funding for a proposed Route 66 park from city manager Joan Riley. Federal funding of $2 million was approved for the park via a grant designed to develop Route 66 throughout the state. 


“The hope is to create a tourist destination and community park right there along Route 66 taking us from downtown Route 66, through our town, all the way to the (Heart of Route 66) Auto Museum.” Riley said. 

Conceptual rendering of the proposed “pocket park” near the historic Rock Creek Bridge in Sapulap. Provided by Reed Architecture.

According to Riley, the grant program had 58 applicants and would accept two large projects and 13 smaller projects. Sapulpa was one of the two large projects that received funding. 

The council meeting began with a proclamation of recognition for the councilmen of Ward 2, Brian Stephens, for his years of service to the city. Stephens will be replaced by Sherry Capps who won the election for Ward 2 in April. 

The city also approved a resolution for a pedestrian underpass that will go under Main Street and connect the East Kelly Lane Trail to Jefferson Heights Elementary. City Parks director Carson Lynch said this would also help to increase handicap accessibility in the area. 

Council members discussed proposed changes to special event permits and ordinances that would expand on what events are special, how they are classified, and how to centralize the application process. 

“A special events committee would be established that would have representatives from the police department, the fire department, and from Public Works,” City Attorney David Widdoes said. “The ones that would typically be involved in these disjointed things will be on that committee to make sure that all of these boxes are being checked for each one of their individual departments.” 

For more info on all items discussed during Monday’s meeting, you can visit the Sapulpa City website here

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