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Norwegian Tourists get their kicks on Route 66

On Saturday, June 8th, a group of Norwegians on a Route 66 junket, stopped in Sapulpa to tour the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum. Rolf Berg, who lives in Levanger, Norway, has been hosting road trips on iconic Rt. 66 since 2003. Mr. Berg rents motorcycles and cars for the tourists who make the round trip journey from Chicago to LA.

The current group is riding motorcycles and driving Mustang and Camaro convertibles. Mr. Berg said the next group will be driving only Mustangs. Berg drives a van towing a trailer with a spare motorcycle and parts, in case of breakdowns.

Rolf Berg, from Norway, runs several Route 66 trips every year.

Mr. Berg told the Sapulpa Times that he was in Chip Foose’s shop when the custom 1965 Chevy Impala that the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum has on display, was being built. The group seemed to thoroughly enjoy the museum and was impressed by Sapulpa’s hospitality.

The tours are conducted from May to October every year. Mr. Berg told the Sapulpa Times that Norwegians, and Europeans, in general, are fascinated by Route 66, thus making Sapulpa part of a popular foreign tourist itinerary. The web address for the tour company is It should be noted, however, that the website is in Norwegian.