Kiefer Band gets $11,000 gift from Make Sense Foundation



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Christmas came early this year to the Kiefer Pride of Trojanland Band when they were gifted $11,000 through SeneGence International’s “Make Sense Foundation.”

A grant was submitted in the fall of 2019 to The Make Sense Foundation for the purpose of buying new instruments for the Kiefer Band Program.

Over 60% of students in the band rely on the school to provide an instrument for them to use. The partnership that The Make Sense Foundation has with the community is what made this generous gift possible.

Pictured from left to right: Band Assistant Clint Carr, Assistant Band Director Brian Hayes, seated Band Director, Robert Brown, House District 30 Representative Mark Lawson, The Make Sense Foundation Executive Director Vickie Beyer, Erin Brook mother of a band student, and Mrs. Heather Butler Kiefer High School Counselor.

Band Director Robert Brown graciously accepted the check as students filmed the presentation. Mr. Brown, beloved Band Director for over 17 years, said that some of the instruments provided by the school had been there longer than he has.

Erin Brook, a parent of a band member—and the one who wrote the grant—said the check would the burden families that want to pursue band but lack the funds to do so. “Instruments are expensive and many families cannot afford to purchase an instrument,” she said. “Other children play multiple instruments and it is not financially feasible to buy more than one.”

If that wasn’t enough—more good news! Brown had recently begun battling Leukemia and had just learned that day that he is cancer-free. He stopped by today to say hello to the students and let them know that not only is he cancer-free, but he has been matched with a bone marrow donor and if all goes well, he should receive a transplant in the spring.

Vickie Beyer, Director of The Make Sense Foundation, called the day “pure magic! The Pride (of Trojanland) makes wonderful music now, but just wait until their spring concert! It will be incredible,” she said.

It was an emotional day for the students, first being visited by Mr. Brown and then receiving this gift which will allow the purchase of about twenty new instruments for the Pride of Trojanland Band for student use. The band has steadily grown in numbers of the past few years, and instruments will allow students to compete and perform at the same level as their peers in other schools.

Erin Brook Contributed to this story.
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