Juveniles throwing rocks at local childcare center cause alarm



A report of possible gunshots at The Little People Place Learning Center in Sapulpa was cause for alarm on Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, the sound someone thought they heard wasn’t a gunshot, it was a rock.

Sapulpa Police on the scene said that a pair of juveniles were being questioned over the incident, which occurred at about 1:00pm

According to police, a juvenile threw a rock at the front window next to the entrance, shattering it. The sound was loud enough to sound like a gunshot, warranting a call to police.

James Wortman, one of the teachers who also handles some maintenance duties for the school, was already cleaning the mess up by the time that Sapulpa Times arrived on the scene.

James Wortman cleans up the shattered glass from Little People Place Learning Center after someone threw a rock at it on Thursday afternoon.

“As far as I know, nobody was hurt,” he says. Then added, “This is exactly why we’re trying to do what we do—to teach our kids to stay in school.”

Police said that the juveniles at the scene weren’t in school because they’d been expelled. They were questioned and later released.

One of the juveniles stopped back by while Sapulpa Times was there, asking if he could help clean up. Wortman assured him it would be taken care of.

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