Griffin to speak at Sapulpa Chamber’s “Business Over Breakfast” event

“Joyful Julie” Griffin will be the speaker at the next “Business Over Breakfast” on Thursday, August 11th at 7:30am at Steak and Eggs (1112 E. Taft Ave), hosted by the Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce.

Griffin will speak on how to recognize and maximize our internal “productivity zones” in order to “get more done with less stress.

Julie Griffin will speak at “Business Over Breakfast” Chamber event on August 11th.

“As humans, our cognitive abilities and emotions fluctuate throughout the day,” she says. “Sometimes we’re primed for that heads-down, laser-focused, super important work. Other times, the creative juices are flowing and ideas and words spring forth without effort.”

Griffin says that “knowing when we’re at our best, and scheduling accordingly can make a world of difference to the productivity of you, and your team.”

Tickets are $12 for Chamber members or $15 to the general public. Register at

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