Creek County Bar Association announces grant for Bristow Courthouse security equipment

Keri D. Palacios, President of the Creek County Bar Association, announced the award of a grant of up to $10,000 from the endowed fund for the purchase of metal detection equipment to enhance security at the Bristow Division of the Creek County District Court.

At the March 2024 regular meeting of the Creek County Bar Association, Judge Kelly Hake addressed the members in attendance with a request for funding of metal detection equipment for the Bristow Courthouse. The members in attendance were addressed by Bristow Attorney Mike Jones who made an impassioned speech in support of the requested grant. A unanimous vote of the members in attendance approved the grant of up to $10,000.

Keri D. Palacios states “We are fortunate for our local Bar Association to have the ability to contribute to the security of the Bristow Courthouse. The additional security equipment will help enhance the safety of both the membership of our Bar and the local community.”


Please direct further requests for information to Keri D. Palacios at 918-248-0018 or

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