City Council To Consider a “Tax Increment District”

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday, May 15th to form a committee to investigate and possibly start the process of creating a “tax increment district” in Sapulpa, as a way to reimburse the cost for certain projects happening within the downtown area, mostly those associated with the Downtown Master Plan.

City Council Sees Business Growth

A recent city council meeting brought the approval of several new business permits, including a floral nursery, a car lot, and a new deli-style retailer on Hobson street.

What’s Next for Sapulpa: Revitalization of Town West

When you enter Sapulpa city limits from the northeast what do you see: an entrance to Turner Turnpike, an industrial area, neglected motels, or do you see the potential for a renewed shopping district and an increase in sales tax revenue for the city of Sapulpa?