Oklahomans asked to report recent winter storm damage

February 24, 2021

The state has provided an online form for you to fill out if you had property damage or you were displaced during the winter storm. See inside for details.

Stitt declares state of emergency ahead of storm; get the latest from the National Weather Service

February 12, 2021

See the Governor’s state of emergency order, plus a look at what to expect over the weekend as close to 60% of the country will get hit with snow or ice.

Inclement weather closes Sapulpa Public Schools tomorrow, temps will stay under freezing for the rest of the week

February 8, 2021

The light drizzle that began overnight and has continued throughout the day, has closed Sapulpa Public Schools tomorrow, according to a statement on the SPS Facebook Page: With local weather reports showing temperatures remaining below freezing for the next several days and into next week, At least some students have been sent home with materials […]

Semi trucks traveling westbound on the Turner Turnpike at a standstill due to a downed power line. Micah Choquette photo.

PHOTOS: Turnpike accidents cause power outage, heavy semi traffic in Sapulpa

December 13, 2020

One accident, involving a semi that downed an OG&E power line, interrupted service to 2,220 customers. All that turnpike traffic was then rerouted through Sapulpa. See the photos.

Six more Oklahoma counties designated for disaster assistance brings the total to 27

June 24, 2019

See updates on inspections, applications and new locations for recovering assistance centers.

State Insurance Commissioner visits Sapulpa

June 5, 2019

State Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready toured Sapulpa, seeing the damage and speaking with those affected by the tornadoes.

One tree lot closed, city “working as fast as we can” on limb cleanup

June 4, 2019

City of Sapulpa “has no timeline” for limb pickup. Plus, where to report damage at your property.

The official list of where to drop of storm-related debris in Sapulpa (trees and otherwise)

May 28, 2019

Here’s where to drop off your storm debris, whether it’s trees, shingles, roofing, etc.

Do You Remember…The 1960 Tornado?

May 27, 2019

In an awful coincidence, the day after we published this story in our Print Edition, two separate EF1 tornadoes descended onto Sapulpa.

PHOTOS: Suspected EF-1 Tornado rips through Sapulpa…worst damage in 59 years

May 26, 2019

See the photos from the tornado that ripped through Sapulpa early this morning, and how you can help deal with the aftermath.