City Council election is Tuesday, and it’s your chance to make a difference


With all the talk about the teacher walkout and funding education over the last several weeks, nearly every other subject has fallen by the wayside.

Tuesday’s city council election is an important event, even if not everyone agrees.

Charles Betzler, who’s running for Ward 1 was out walking his ward and introducing himself to the constituents that didn’t already know him. He’s reminding everyone that it’s important to vote in local elections like this one because “they affect you the fastest.”


Betzler also stresses that participating in a local election is the best way to actually “be the change you want to see,” to paraphrase Ghandi. “Ranting on Facebook is cathartic, but doesn’t solve the problem,” Betzler says.

The Ward 2 Primary, which happened in February, attracted only 77 voters. As Sapulpa Times mentioned then, the low turnout was surprising, given that Ward 2 is Sapulpa’s largest, geographically.


Brian Stephens took the lead in that Primary, and will face off against incumbent Charles Stephens on Tuesday.

The full list of candidates are as follows:

Ward 1:

Hugo Naifeh (Incumbent)
Charles Betzler

Ward 2:

Charles Stephens (Incumbent)
Brian Stephens

Ward 3:

Lou Martin Jr. (Incumbent)

Ward 4:

Craig Henderson (Incumbent)

Ward 5:

Alan Jones (Incumbent)

Bruce Bledsoe

You can get your polling place using this handy online locator.

Sapulpa Times will update you on the results after the polls close.