Tuesday Night Election Results

Most of us have it ingrained in our thinking that elections happen in November. Some of them happen in April, and yes, some of them happen in February.

But judging by attendance at the polls tonight, folks in Ward 2 forgot that a primary was happening, as the total amount of votes came to just 77. According to a 2015 Ward Map provided by the City of Sapulpa, Ward 2 looks to be Sapulpa’s largest geographically, so the low turnout is surprising.

From the reader’s point of view, there was not a lot of campaigning happening, save for a few signs and a half-page ad in the Sapulpa Herald by contender Brian Stephens. And the conversations that Sapulpa Times had with various candidates had overlapping goals, to the point that voting for any of the four candidates would have achieved the same result, generally speaking.

Ultimately, Ward 2 was will come down to incumbent Charles Stephens vs. Brian Stephens, who took home 29% of the vote. That election happens in April.

Elections were also held for Bristow City Council, Depew Public Schools, Mounds Public Schools and Kiefer Public Schools. Those results are listed below.



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