Alleged Wallet Thief Caught by His Own Victim

This story originally appeared in the March 29th, 2020 issue of Sapulpa Times.

On March 21, 2020, the Sapulpa Police Department released information on their Facebook Page concerning an alleged crime that took place the day before. The update was that the suspect had been positively identified, due to everyone‘s input on Facebook.

Walmart footage of the suspect posted to the Sapulpa Police Department Facebook Page.

Recapping the first post, the SPD stated that a victim (a prominent local attorney) had been shopping at the Sapulpa Walmart and checked out through the Garden Center exit. At the time, the victim didn’t realize he had dropped his wallet until 20 minutes later when he received notification from his bank that a charge had been made at a hardware store in Sapulpa. He had not made a purchase, so he went to Ace Hardware and recognized the male subject (the subject of videos) in line with several chain saws, attempting to use his credit card.

The victim approached the alleged perpetrator and said he recognized him from Walmart. The male subject and his young daughter fled the store to get away from the victim.  The victim followed him outside to his white 2001 Ford pickup and told the suspect to return his wallet.

The alleged perp returned the wallet and drove away quickly.

Later, it was discovered that the subject first bought gas Murphy’s Gas station near Walmart, then drove to Atwood’s and made two separate purchases with the victim’s credit card, totaling $470.00. Then, he arrived at Ace Hardware, attempting to buy several chain saws.

In the Facebook post, there are still shots from videos at Walmart of the alleged perpetrator. The police ask for information, the identity, and any other information the public might provide.

In response, several posters commented about recognizing him, and that he was not being a good role model for his child, and that checkers used to match the Identification of people using credit cards, but over time, that has been replaced with a laissez-faire attitude.

There will be more from Sapulpa Times as this case progresses when the police arrest the individual or determine otherwise.

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