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Judge Awards Dyer a 1,000 ft Protective Order, Sex-Offender Next Door has 10 Days to Vacate


A bizarre story that gained national attention about a Bristow woman who’s molester was able to move in next door has reached a conclusion many were hoping for.

Yesterday afternoon, Judge Richard Woolery issued a 1,000 feet protective order for the Dyer family in Bristow, Oklahoma. As a result, the sex offender that moved next door, Harold English, has 10 days to vacate the premises, according to a statement sent to Sapulpa Times by representative Mark Lawson.

Danyelle Dyer

Danyelle Dyer, who’s story made networks such as people.com and cnn.com had chosen to take action against her offender, having banners printed and prominently displayed, alerting the community to a sex offender in their midst.

“I don’t want anyone else to ever have to go through the feelings of reliving the trauma from something like this,” she had said at the time.

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Current law prohibits sex offenders from living within a 2,000ft radius of schools, daycare centers and parks, but it does not prohibit a sex offender from living within certain proximity of the victim.

Representatives Eye a Permanent Solution

Rep. Kyle Hilbert, R-Depew, and State Sen. James Leewright, R-Bristow, released the following statement in response to Judge Woolery’s decision.

“We applaud Judge Woolery for taking the steps necessary to protect the victim and her family. While we are grateful that this specific situation has been resolved, we remain committed to fixing this loophole in the law next spring. It is unacceptable that a sex offender could move in next door to the victim, and furthermore, a victim should not have to go through the trouble of hiring an attorney to prevent this – it should simply be the law.

Many individuals have come forward to help this family, but specifically, we would like to thank the Attorney General’s office and Representative Scott Biggs for going above and beyond to point the family in the right direction throughout this difficult situation.

The courage Danyelle has shown throughout has been incredible. Through her advocacy in the last month, she has brought national attention to a loophole that is present in 45 out of 50 states. Thanks to her, hopefully this will never happen anywhere in the United States ever again.”


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