Youth Services of Creek County Celebrates Ten Years of League the Way.



Registration open until August 23rd.

In 2010 the Youth Services of Creek County (YSCC) Executive Director, Erin Brook and staff were looking for a fundraiser that was different. Something that no one else was currently doing. YSCC partnered with Sahoma Lanes and local restaurants to help provide a new and exciting fundraiser. One that got the community involved but also provided fun, food and fundraising. League the Way, a play on the phrase “Lead the Way”, was born.

It started with teams of four “buying” a lane for a minimum of $250. In 2019 this has grown to teams of 6 for a minimum of $500. This money can be raised by teams getting sponsors or the teams simply paying their own lane fee. The lane fee has increased this year as a result in upping the overall fundraising total from $5,000 to $20,000.

In 2012 YSCC started adding themes to League the Way events. Some of these include Shake, Rattle, and Bowl (2012), Living on a Spare (2014), Not all Heroes Wear Capes (2016) and this years theme is Go Bowl or Go Home. YSCC chose that name for the 10th year of LTW because they have decided that if they do not reach their $20,000 goal this year then they will come up with another fundraiser starting in 2020.

League the Way is more than just about the fun, food and fundraising. It’s also about the amazing handmade trophies by the YSCC staff that go along with the theme for that year. The trophies go to the teams that raised the most money, bowled the highest, bowled the lowest, and the best dressed. The winning teams also get a special plaque with their team picture on it. 

In 2012 a Community Service award was added. It was named for a girl, Sara Lund. Lund began volunteering at age 8 by pulling weeds in YSCC flower beds. Erin Brook says of Lund, “She is the definition of Margaret Mead’s quote, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.’” Past winners of this award starting in 2012 are Sara Lund, ETA Zeta, Dena & Company, Creek County Sheriff FOP, The Rackley Family, Creek County Ambulance, and Mr. Gene Parnell. The 2019 winner will be announced at this years event on July 26th from 6:30-9:00pm at Sahoma Lanes. 

The staff and board members of YSCC would like to thank all the teams and sponsors for this event. A special thank you goes out to Ardagh Group, Carletti Dentistry and Associates, Senegence, Simple Simon’s Pizza and Sahoma Lanes. An extra special thank you to the Sapulpa Chamber for bowling with YSCC for all 10 years!

All lanes for this year’s LTW are full but it is not too late to donate to a team at All money raised goes to help YSCC provide safe shelter for the children in our community.
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Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick is a native Sapulpan, and has written for the Tulsa World and Oklahoma Magazine. Patrick’s interests include history, foreign languages, cooking, and performing in community theatre.

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