Young Minds, Big Ideas’ new “Founding Feathers” project hopes to bring tourism to Sapulpa in a unique and fun way

Those kids are at it again.

Young Minds, Big Ideas is a small but growing group of young school-aged children previously known for picking up trash, cleaning alleyways, and serving the homeless. These kids have mastered the art of turning boredom into productivity, choosing to make a difference in their community, despite their age.

Now, they’re going even further, with a project they’re calling “Founding Feathers,” which they hope will draw fun for the community and those outside the town. “We’ve researched our founding areas and would love to honor them and bring attention to each location,” says Jordan Ascencio, the primary organizer for Young Minds, Big Ideas. 

Julian Ascencio, Bentley Ascencio, Ruby Noble, Jo Martin, Kelsey Birdwhistell, Josiah Ascencio, Kamille Chupco, Lander Martin.

The idea is to gather donations from businesses in exchange for a metal feather that they can proudly display inside or outside of their business. Part of the donation will pay for the creation and installation of that feather and part will pay for one of twelve feathers that are planning to be installed at various iconic and historic sites around Sapulpa. These twelve feathers will be featured as part of a scavenger hunt that families and tourists can participate in at any time. Proposed sites for the Founding Feathers include Rock Creek Bridge, the Sapulpa Trolley, and Chief Sapulpa’s gravesite.

Ascencio says that businesses that purchase a donation package will also be added to the map of feathers, hoping to draw in additional business to our local retailers.

It gets even better: ultimately, Ascencio and the group would like to see enough funds raised to create and place a giant feather in a prominent place like Martha’s Corner, bringing a new photo op for tourists and residents. The larger feather is supposed to be made up of a collage of smaller feathers donated by sponsors and families that might not have a business to place a feather in.

Ascencio says the project is off to a great start and picking up steam. “We are really excited about all the support pouring in, we have so much interest in this project,” she says. “We can’t wait to see it all finished and displayed for people to come together and enjoy.”

You can learn more about the donation packages on the group’s Facebook Page, and stay updated with the latest progress on the Founding Feathers project.