Woman leaves bar, runs stop signs, slips cuffs, head-butts police



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On Saturday, October 5th, police were called to Torchy’s Cadillac Country for a “trouble unknown” call. Turns out that an off duty Sapulpa Reserve Officer noticed that a woman had left the bar just a few moments earlier, driving a gold Honda Accord. According to the Reserve Officer, the woman was seen leaving the parking lot at a high rate of speed and hit the curb. The officer said that someone had tried to take her keys away before she left but had not been successful.

Officers Marshall and Wresche drove northbound on New Sapulpa Road and found the woman traveling at a high rate of speed, and caught up with her at 49th W. Ave. Wresche said the woman ran at least two stop signs before they pulled her over. The woman, identified as 24-year-old Katherine Collier, was said to be unsteady on her feet, had bloodshot eyes, and was slurring her speech. When asked, she admitted to having been at Torchy’s, and further admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier in the event, according to the arrest affidavit.

Collier was placed under arrest, and when Officer Marshall performed a search, found 1.8 grams of marijuana, 1 gram of THC wax and two glass smoking pipes, all within reach of the defendant.

When Collier was handcuffed to the front seat, she unbuckled herself, and when Wresche attempted to buckle her back in, she head-butted Wresche and began screaming in her face.

According to the arrest report, Collier also attempted to kick out the officer’s windshield, forcing the police to call another officer with a cage in his patrol car. When she was moved that vehicle, she attempted to kick out the back passenger door window of that car.

Once in booking, police say the Collier remained noncompliant and kept trying to slip her handcuffs, succeeding with one hand, and when Wresche attempted to re-cuff her, she punched Wresche in the leg.

A check of Collier’s criminal history reveals no prior felony convictions, but she’s been arrested twice for possession of marijuana. Collier has now been charged with multiple traffic violations, DUI, and assault on a Police Officer.

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