Woman caught burglarizing Sapulpa Post Office

UPDATE 10:45 PM: The woman was reported to be homeless, and neither the Postal Inspector nor the Creek County District Attorney’s office has decided to press charges. The woman has been released. This story has been edited for clarity.

A woman has been arrested after being caught burglarizing the Sapulpa Post Office on Sunday night, according to Sapulpa Police Major Mike Reed.

Reed said the call came in about 8:30 pm when a woman went in the post office to check her PO Box and saw that the door going to the back of the post office from the lobby was standing open. After getting her mail, she turned to leave and spotted the suspect coming through the door with a bundle of mail in her arms.

According to Reed, the suspect was startled by the woman’s presence and sat the mail she had in her arms down and returned to the back of the building. The woman then went to her car and called the police, who found the suspect in the building when they arrived. According to police, the door to the back area of the building had been left unlocked and there was no forced entry.

Although initially arrested for burglary, and looking at possible federal charges, neither the District Attorney’s office nor the Post Inspector have decided to file charges, and the woman has been released.

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