Woman begs officer to let her use drugs before going to jail

A woman arrested after being caught shoplifting from Walmart last week begged the arresting officer to let her use the heroin he found on her before going to jail.

Amanda Savat booking photo. Provided.

According to the arrest affidavit, 38-year-old Amanda Savat was arrested on May 12th after the local Walmart’s Loss Prevention office contacted Sapulpa police regarding a suspected shoplifting.

When officer Kevin Taylor arrived on the scene, he found Walmart’s Loss Prevention employee making contact with Savat, who was telling them she would pay for the items. She removed several packages of pens and markers out of her purse that she had not paid for.

Shortly thereafter, at the Loss Prevention office inside Walmart, officer Taylor retrieve other items that had not been paid for, including a battery pack charger for a cell phone, and more pens and markers.

During the search, Taylor located several needles, including one with a brown liquid inside. According to affidavit, He also located a glasses case that contained more needles, a spoon, and two small clear glass containers with what appeared to be “brown crystal like substance inside.”

While Taylor was retrieving the needles and the glasses case from Savat’s purse, Savat allegedly grabbed the needle with the brown substance off the table and placed it between her legs, and she begged Taylor to let her use the “heroin” before going to jail. According to the affidavit, Taylor simply retrieved the needle from the woman and placed it with all the other items into a bag for entering evidence.

A check of the defendant’s criminal history revealed that she had already been trespass-warned from the Walmart store in the past, and was already facing outstanding warrants across Creek County.

Savat was previously arrested on traffic violations and drug charges, and on charges of obstruction and assault and battery on a police officer. That charge had been dismissed and re-filed under felony assault on a police officer, with the obstruction charge being dropped. Savat received a 7-year deferred sentence for the felony assault.

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