Woman assaults Sapulpa police officer while being booked on a trespassing charge

What started as a simple trespassing call turned turned into a felony when the woman being questioned for trespassing decided to assault the officer who was booking her.

On Friday, June 8th at approximately 10:44 p.m. Officer Randal Arnold of the Sapulpa Police Department responded to a call off North Mission Street from a woman stating that a someone—later identified as Misty Dawn Hall—was trespassing on her property. The homeowner repeatedly asked the Hall to leave, to no effect.

The caller stated that when Hall first arrived, “she was standing in the road near [the] property just staring towards the residence.” Hall then walked onto the property and sat down on the porch and would not leave.

The caller told the officer that a similar incident happened a few weeks ago, during which an altercation began between Hall and the caller’s family.

When Officer Arnold arrived, the suspect was sitting in a chair on the front porch of the house and would not answer questions about why she was at the residence. Arnold said that she was generally unresponsive, and would not make eye contact with him.

Arnold stated that Hall eventually began to somewhat react to his questioning, but mostly “she did not respond but stared at [him] blankly.” He advised Hall that she was trespassing on private property and gave her the chance to leave and offered to take her somewhere else, but she “refused to cooperate or leave.”

Officer Arnold then arrested Hall and transported her to the Sapulpa Police Department for booking. While there a female officer assisted in getting her booked, at which point Hall began to yell at the female officer, screaming, “I’m going to f*** you up.” Hall then initiated a struggle with the officer and attempted to put her in a headlock, with “her hand and arms around the face and neck of [the female officer].” It took three additional officers to subdue Hall and place her back in handcuffs.

Hall was later transported to the Creek County Criminal Justice Center and booked for assault and battery upon a police officer and trespassing on posted property after being forbidden or without permission.

Hall’s criminal history shows no previous criminal record. The relationship between Hall and the property owner is unknown.

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E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.