Whitehouse wins Creek County District 3 Commissioner seat

In nearly a 3-1 vote, Jarrod Whitehouse has been declared the winner of the seat left vacant by his father’s passing. All precincts have now reported in, and Whitehouse won 76.32% of the vote, while his challenger, Democrat candidate H. Chris Root has taken 23.68%. Unofficial numbers say a total of 1,292 votes were cast.

Whitehouse will go on to win the seat after beating fellow Republican candidates Bryan Sherwood, Mike Wofford, Justin Speers, and Danny Gann in the April primary election.

Whitehouse could not be reached for comment this evening, but he had plenty of reason to be happy about taking the District 3 chair.

In an earlier interview with Sapulpa Times, Whitehouse said he was running for his father’s seat because of what he called a “burden” for his district. His father, Lane Whitehouse, had been elected District 3 Commissioner in 2014 after having worked under the previous Commissioner, Roger Boomer.

“I’ve been around that position my whole life,” the younger Whitehouse said. “It’s something I’ve grown accustomed to. I don’t need a paycheck—I’m not running for a paycheck. I have one of those. I have a burden for my district.”

Whitehouse also said that there won’t be anyone who can truly replace his dad, but “when you hear nothing but good things, it makes it a little bit easier. It lets you know he was very respected. It helps you know what you’re doing that much more.”

Whitehouse said among his highest priorities are redistricting and distribution of ARPA funds, which has been a point of importance at several of the last county commissioner meetings. First Deputy Roger Smith has filled in for the elder Whitehouse on the Board of County Commissioners of Creek County since Whitehouse’s illness.